Dual citizenship lay the foundations for new citizenship by investment programs. CBI programs just would be impossible without dual citizenship and would be meaningless

Investing in a dual citizenship passport has become a new trend of the modern world. It has become a safe haven investment. If you are rich why not invest in a citizenship passed to future family generations? There can be no better asset protection investment than this for families.

Dual citizenship is perhaps is the first and most important step for Governments thinking about launching a citizenship by investment (CBI) programs. Simply put, dual citizenship is the foundation for citizenship by investment programs. It is practically impossible to run an economic citizenship by investment program without legalizing dual citizenship.

Any CBI program launched without legalizing dual citizenship laws would be a failure. It makes no sense investing substantial investment and then to renounce previous citizenship, just for a new passport.

A very good example would be Solomon islands. This pacific country first legalized dual citizenship in 2018, and in 2020 the pacific country recently announcing is considering launching a new citizenship by investment program similar to Vanuatu, to raise economic investment for the country.  Dont forget, there is also Samoa in the pacific that has active citizenship investment scheme in the pacific.

Another significant development happened last year, was Pakistan is working on dual citizenship arrange with Turkey. This development will give a big boost to the Turkey citizen by investment scheme. The Government of Pakistan has dual nationality arrangements with only 19 countries.

Dual citizenship has become very important status in the modern world and this status allows its citizens to legally carry more than one passport to achieve maximum travel freedom.

The acceptance of dual citizenship worldwide has become prominent and widely accepted by many states as of 2020, only Asian countries still lags behind in accepting dual citizen status for its own citizens.

We have compiled a list of 50 countries where economic citizenship for investment programs is practically impossible. These countries severely restrict dual citizenship and chances of these countries opening a fast track citizenship program for investments is zero to none.

  1. Andorra
  2. Azerbaijan
  3. Bahrain
  4. Belarus
  5. Bhutan
  6. Brunei
  7. Cameroon
  8.  China
  9.  Congo
  10.   Congo Democratic Rep
  11.   Cuba
  12.   Eritrea
  13.   Estonia
  14.   Ethiopia
  15.   Gabon
  16.   Gambia
  17.   Guinea
  18.   India
  19.   Indonesia
  20.   Japan
  21.   Kazakhstan
  22.   Kiribati
  23.   North Korea
  24.   Kuwait
  25.   Laos
  26.   Lesotho
  27.   Liberia
  28.   Lithuania
  29.   Madagascar
  30.   Malawi
  31.   Malaysia
  32.   Micronesia
  33.   Monaco
  34.   Mongolia
  35.   Myanmar
  36.   Nepal
  37.   Netherlands
  38.   Oman
  39.   Qatar
  40.   San Marino
  41.   Saudi Arabia
  42.   Seychelles
  43.   Singapore
  44.   Somalia
  45.   Suriname
  46.  Tanzania
  47.   Togo
  48.   United Arab Emirates
  49.   Uzbekistan
  50.   Yemen