Pakistani nationals are allowed to hold dual citizenship with the following 19 countries.  This is because Government of Pakistan has entered dual nationality arrangements with following 19 countries.

For other countries dual nationality is not permitted.  At present, none of the CBI (citizenship by investment) countries have dual nationality arrangements with Pakistan.

It may be advantageous for Pakistani nationals to apply for residence/golden visa schemes with countries that have dual citizenship agreements with Pakistan.

1 United Kingdom* 10 Egypt
2 France 11 Jordan
3 Italy* 12 Syria
4 Belgium 13 Switzerland
5 Iceland 14 Netherlands*
6 Australia 15 United States of America*
7 New Zealand* 16 Sweden
8 Canada* 17 Ireland*
9 Finland 18 Bahrain
19 Denmark

* These countries have golden visa schemes.

It is possible to renounce the Pakistani citizenship. Applicants must apply at the concerned Foreign Mission of Pakistan and provide Form X for renouncing nationality. The Citizenship renouncing Fee is Rs.500/

The latest updates for dual citizenship agreements entered by Pakistan is available from the Directorate of Immigration and Passports website