Vanuatu Government has approved an order to issue new passport stamps for passports issued under CBI programs.

According to the new rules, the Immigration office to issue the new stamp on new passports obtained by people under the citizenship by investment programs. The step is taken is to improve credibility of government issued passports and to protect the integrity of CBI programs.

Update: The Passport stamp proposal is revoked by Vanuatu Government.

Vanuatu currently has two CBI programs: DSP and VCP schemes where foreign investors can acquire fast track citizenship against US$130,000 investment. It also has gained more popularity for being the fastest citizenship program in the world with processing time of less than 45 days.

The stamp affixed on new passports will differentiate passports held by indigenous people and passports gained by applying through Citizenship investment programs for a Vanuatu passport.

All Economic citizens who gain Vanuatu passports through the citizenship by investment programs will pay for the stamp to be issued by the Vanuatu Immigration, to mark them as genuine. They also have to bear the additional fees below

Passport Stamp Fee

  • USD 500 (for individual)
  • USD 800 for family of up to four people)
  • USD 1000 (for application including more than four people)

In 2019, the Vanuatu Government announced new passport cover design on the occasion of 39th independence celebration increasing the passport validity to 10 years from 5 years, increasing the attractiveness of CBI investments.

Vanuatu passport remains a powerful travel document in the south pacific with visa free access and mobility to over 125+ countries and territories. These countries include Schengen states, United Kingdom, Russia etc..

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