The Validity of CBI passport is a very important deciding factor, when you chose the best citizenship by investment (cbi) program.

CBI passports come with five or ten year validity, exception is Moldova.

Long validity passports save lot of time and you dont need to go through the renewal process every 5 years.

The Biometric passports provide a greater security for passports than machine readable passports. Biometric passports hold fingerprints, facial keypoints and iris data in the chip.

 Passport Validity
Malta Biometric 10 years
Cyprus Biometric 10 years
Antigua and Barbuda Biometric  5 years
Dominica Machine readable 10 years
Grenada Biometric  5 years
St Lucia Machine readable 5 years
St Kitts and Nevis Biometric 10 years
Moldova Biometric 7 years
Montenegro Biometric 10 years
Turkey Biometric 10 years
Vanuatu Machine readable 10 years

Note: Antigua issues five year passport initially, but when renewed, the passport validity is 10 years. Antigua Passports cannot be renewed if the passport holder dont visit the island or dont spend 5 days in the islands.