The Validity of CBI passport can be very important deciding factor, for investors who chose the best citizenship by investment (cbi) program. CBI passports come with five or ten year validity. Long validity passports save lot of time and you dont need to go through the renewal process every 5 years.

The Biometric passports provide a greater security for passports than machine readable passports. Biometric passports hold fingerprints, facial keypoints and iris data in the chip.

We give you a brief comparison of citizenship by investment programs.

CBI PassportValidity
MaltaBiometric10 years
Antigua and BarbudaBiometric 5 years*
DominicaBiometric10 years
GrenadaBiometric 5 years
St LuciaBiometric5 years
St Kitts and NevisBiometric10 years
TurkeyBiometric10 years
VanuatuMachine readable10 years

Note: Antigua issues five year passport initially, but when renewed, the passport validity is 10 years. Antigua Passports cannot be renewed if the passport holder dont visit the island or dont spend 5 days in the islands.

Long Validity Passports

Long validity passports, typically those with validity periods of 10 years or more, offer several advantages to passport holders. Here are some key benefits:

Reduce the frequency of passport renewal, saving individuals time and effort in the application process.

Less administrative hassle associated with renewing passports at regular intervals.