St Kitts and St Lucia are outstanding citizenship by investment programs in the Caribbean. Here’s how to compare the important differences between these two programs, so that you will know where to invest.

All in all, here is a quick summary

  • St Lucia is much cheaper compared to St Kitts with donation options when it comes to single applicants.
  • St Kitts donation might be cheaper for families compare to St Lucia due to the limited time discount offered to families.
  • If you are looking for a full recoverable investment, St Lucia Covid bond option is the way to go.
CBISt Kitts and NevisSt Lucia
Donation InvestmentUSD 150,000
Single Applicant: $109,500
USD 100,000
Real Estate MinimumUSD 200,000USD 300,000
Government BondsNot AvailableUSD 250,000 (refundable after 5 years)
Processing times60 days56 days
Personal visitfully exemptfully exempt
Due Diligence FeeMain Applicant: $75000 / Child above 16: $5000Main Applicant: $75000 / Child above 16: $4000
Passport validity10 years5 years
Physical residenceNoneNone
Passport power (visa free)154 destinations146 destinations
Voting rightsNoYes
Family friendlyYes (siblings accepted)Yes (siblings accepted)
Citizenship to Family Generations3rd generation only3rd generation only
OathsNot requiredRequired
Application difficultyMediumMedium
Covid discountsFamily of 4 pay $150k (instead of $195k) 50% discount to Bond sum $250k (instead of $500k). Prices cut for families
Restricted countriesIran, Sudan, North Korea, SomaliaIran
Personal income tax0%Residents only (upto 30%)
Tax on Wealth, Inheritance, Capital Gains0%0%
Tax TreatiesCaricom, Monaco, Switzerland, United KingdomCaricom, Switzerland
FATCA (inforce)April 28, 2016September 1, 2016
CryptocurrenciesNot acceptedNot accepted

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