The St Lucia COVID bond program introduced last year during coronavirus pandemic, is an innovative solution that created a “win-win” for CIP investors and also for St. Lucians. St Lucia is the only caribbean country that offers instant citizenship for investing in risk free government bonds.

The Special Covid Government zero coupon bonds introduced is at the heart of citizenship by investment innovation making it a socially responsible investment. Through the COVID bond program, CIP St Lucia found an innovative solution that created a “win-win” for investors and St. Lucians.

The Covid bonds are available limited time until Dec 31, 2022 with reduced 50% discount. The minimum investment required is USD 250,000 locked for 5 years or more.

Bond Benefits

  • Low risk guaranteed investment.
  • Investors inject $250,000/300,000 with varying holding periods onto the sovereign balance sheet, thereby creating enhanced autonomy for St. Lucia against the current challenging economic dynamic.

  • Due to the investment structure, the COVID bond offering is particularly attractive to families looking to augment global mobility and hedge volatility.

  • Fully backed by the government and therefore very low risk,  the coupon will be repaid after 5/6/7 years depending on the tenor selected – creating a favourable long term value proposition compared to donation or real estate options.

Exclusive benefits to families

  • Low risk fully recoverable investment guaranteed by government.
  • A family of 5 can apply without increasing the bond investment.
  • The non-interest bearing bonds are fully refunded after 5 years
  • No application or processing fees
  • Flexibility to pick the lockout period (5/6/7) depending on family members.
  • Processing time is 3 months.
  • Citizenship is permanent for life even after the investment is recovered.

COVID bond offering is particularly attractive to families looking to augment global mobility and hedge volatility.

All in all, since the bond investment is fully returned after 5 years, the true costs of St Lucia citizenship is less than $45,000 and the cost per family member averages $12,500. It is also the cheapest investment route for citizenship.

According to Nestor Alfred, who heads the Citizenship by Investment Unit of St Lucia

“The CIP Saint Lucia COVID bond can be seen as the only socially responsible investing (SRI) option in the investment migration industry. Our innovative investment structure means that investors can support a developing economy and sovereign state in a time of need. But this isn’t charity, this is a sophisticated investment choice that creates value for St Lucia, St Lucians and investors alike St Lucia gains from a sustainable liquidity source. Investors gain a value catalyst from enhanced global mobility, and lifelong yield and the bond pricing.”

It’s a real win, win – which in the time of COVID is pretty rare.