The Popularity of Citizenship by investment programs have exploded in recent years. The Global demand for citizenship and passports remain at all time high despite travel and tourism coming to a halt.

The easiest way to get a citizenship and passport quickly is through an investment. That too from the comfort of your home.  It is called Citizenship by investment, or in short “CBI”. These are legal programs backed by CIP legislation that will give you a passport in exchange for investments in the country, all from your home. Examples include donation to state or investing in real estate or buying state debt in the form of government bonds or treasury securities.

First let us come to reality. We live in 2021 not in 2000. Things change, situations change, beliefs change and people change. Covid is changing the people and world digitally. Things are unbelievable around us! Everything is online now.

The pandemic has become an eye opener for us and has made many realize the importance of investing in a family and live a stress free life in Covid free countries escaping lockdowns. It also showed us the importance of Plan B and plan for the future.

Twenty years ago many thought applying for citizenship is impossible without living or visiting the country. The Global pandemic has turned the tables on us.  Today it is so much real to buy a citizenship online. It became a reality in 2020.

This is because Covid has made traveling and trips abroad impossible. Lockdowns have become worse. Against all this, the global demand for second passports have soared to mainstream popularity.  You should always think to invest in passports that come with visa free perk as a long term investment and not on visas. Say the passport is valid for 10 years, you get visa free benefits for 10 years.

Countries that run passport programs are usually small microstates. Fearing economic collapse and desperate to raise revenues, a number of CBI countries have made changes to virtual citizenship legislation exempting any sort of visits, making it possible to invest in citizenship and acquire passport from the comfort of the home.

As far as we know, these are the only limited number of 6 countries in the world that will give you a passport for investing, sitting at the comfort of home. All other European programs require you make trips to the country to complete real estate and immigration formalities which is impossible during Covid.

We do not recommend to apply for golden visas or any other countries besides these during Covid period.

Country Investment Time for Passport
VanuatuUSD 130,00030 days (1 month)
St LuciaUSD 100,0003-4 months
St Kitts and NevisUSD 150,0003 months
DominicaUSD 100,0003-4 months
GrenadaUSD 150,0003-4 months
Antigua and BarbudaUSD 100,0003-4 months

Please use our CBI calculator to see the total applicable costs when you apply for these programs

These passports come with several advantages such future visa free post covid and education abroad for children making it a great future investment. Covid wont be around forever with us, it will over soon and vaccines are on their way.

We will explain briefly with the steps to obtain citizenship certificate and passport from the comfort of your home..

  • Prepare the initial set of documents required: Police certificate (FBI clearance for US citizens), Passport copies, birth and health certificate
  • File your application through the Govt appointed CIP authorized agent. (we will help you with this)
  • Pay 10% fee for Govt background checks and 50% lawyer fee (takes months)
  • Wait for 1-3 months for the Citizenship Unit of the Government to issue Letter of Approval.
  • Pay the rest 90% of the investment to the Govt. If you dont get approval letter or you are refused, you dont pay.
  • Take oath (online or written)
  • Citizenship certificate and Passport issued which can be collected at nearest consulate from where you live.