Only a very few countries offer a passport for buying government debt in the form of treasury bills, bonds, securities and certificates.  Turkey and St Lucia offer citizenship in exchange for investment  treasury bonds for USD 500,000


Governments issue public debt in the form of bonds issued to citizens, international investors and companies.


A T-Bill is a short term debt instrument valid for less than a year, while T-Bonds are long term debt instruments valid over 5 years to 10 years. A government security is a bond issued by a government with a promise of repayment at maturity. These come with fixed interest rates payable at maturity.


Direct fast track citizenship and passport is possible for buyers of Government debt in the form of bonds without interest with 5 year holding period.


Citizenship by Investment

These countries offer citizenship for treasury bonds.  Passport and citizenship approved within 3-4 months.

Citizenship by Investment Government bonds/securities
Malta Partial – (Donation EUR 650,000 + EUR 150,000 Bonds under IIP)
Cyprus €2 million – Not Available from 15th May 2019
St Kitts and Nevis No
Dominica No
Grenada No
St Lucia Yes (USD 500,000)
Vanuatu No
Turkey Yes (USD 500,000)
Vanuatu No


Jordan USD 1.5 million

T-Bill – Treasury bill
T-Bond – Treasury Bond


Golden visa

These countries offer instant residence rights or golden visa in exchange for investment in government securities, bonds and bills. Residence visa approved within 3-4 months.


RBI/Golden visa Govt bonds
Spain €2m
Italy €2m
Luxembourg €500,000
Canada $1.2m
United Kingdom £2m closed from May 29, 2019. Only private/corporate bonds possible.
Ireland €1m
Greece €400,000 (coming soon)
Bulgaria €512,000
Malta €250,000
Australia AU$ 1.5m
New Zealand NZ$ 3m