When it comes to selecting the best citizenship by investment scheme, many clients struggle to find the CBI scheme suitable for them. The lack of knowledge and limited information available on the web about passport schemes makes it often difficult for clients to make a decision.

We will show you how to  select the best CBI scheme suitable for you, in a easy way

You just cannot miss taking into account the following important factors, when deciding on a CBI passport

1. Price

The first and most important factor is price. You have to select a best investor citizenship scheme that is both cheap and best. The more the family members, the price goes up. Use our CBI price calculator which gives you the closest real time price estimates.

  • Antigua / St Lucia / Dominica –  USD 100,000
  • Vanuatu – USD 135,000
  • Grenada / St Kitts – USD 150,000
  • Turkey – USD 250,000
  • Montenegro – USD 400,000
  • Malta – USD 1,000,000
  • Cyprus – USD 2,500,000
  • Bulgaria – USD 1,100,000

For families: Antigua is the cheap and best
For single persons: St Lucia / Dominica is cheap and best

2. Residence requirements / Personal visit

The second most important factor to look into a CBI program is whether the program has physical residence requires or requires personal visit. CBI programs that has zero or no residence requirement and no requirement to visit the country are usually the best. The passports can be issued through your authorized agent who will hand over to you.

  • Dominica / St Lucia / St Kitts / Grenada / Vanuatu / Montenegro – Zero residence requirements an NO personal visit required
  • Antigua – 5 day residence requirement when you renew passport. NO personal visit needed for first five years
  • Malta – 12 month residence need, YES personal visit required
  • Cyprus – 6 month residence needed, YES personal visit requirement
  • Turkey – Atleast 1 month residence permit, YES personal visit required

3. Validity of the passport

The passport validity is the third most important criteria to consider when applying for citizenship by investment scheme. You only want to go for passports that come with 10 year validity saves a lot of hassles when it comes to renewing the passport. Some CBI countries only offer 5 year valid passport

  • St Kitts / Dominica / Vanuatu / Malta / Cyprus / Turkey / Bulgaria / Montenegro – 10 years
  • St Lucia / Grenada / Antigua – 5 years

5. Passport time

This is the fourth most important criteria to decide on the citizenship by investment scheme. This is essentially how fast you can get a passport, from the time you apply to receiving passport in hand. The average passport time is 3 months for most of the CBI schemes, except for Europe.

  • Vanuatu – 1 month
  • Antigua / Dominica / Grenada / St Kitts / St Lucia / Montenegro / Turkey – 3 months
  • Malta – 15 months
  • Cyprus – 7 months
  • Bulgaria – 18 months

6. Citizenship privacy

You also must consider whether the citizenship received is private, and not available to public and not reported to other countries. Privacy in citizenship matters is very important and cannot be overlooked!

  • Antigua / Grenada / St Kitts / Montenegro / Vanuatu / Bulgaria / Turkey / Cyprus –  YES, privacy guaranteed
  • Dominica / St Lucia / Malta – No privacy (citizenship information available to public)

7. Visa free countries

When you buy a passport, spending that kind of money, just make sure you get visa free access to United Kingdom, EU schengen area, Singapore, Hong Kong etc. Even if you are not a frequent traveler it will help you in the future.

Understand these differences before you decide on which CBI passport is powerful.

  • Vanuatu / Dominica / St Kitts – Has visa free access to EU schengen area, United Kingdom, Russia, Ireland etc. but NO Canada
  • Grenada – Has visa free access to EU schengen area, United Kingdom, Russia, China etc. (only passport with china visa waiver) but NO Canada
  • St Lucia – EU schengen area, United Kingdom, but no Russia, Canada
  • Montenegro – EU schengen area, Russia, but no visa free access UK, Canada
  • Turkey – No schengen area, No UK, No Russia, No Canada (probably the worst CBI passport)
  •  Bulgaria / Cyprus – Live work EU schengen area, UK, Canada, but visa required to visit US.
  • Malta – Live work EU schengen area, UK, Canada, United States (eTA)

In our opinion Grenada passport is super amazing, because you have access to 4 biggest countries in the world Europe, Russia, China and United Kingdom.

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