The Citizenship by Investment Programs (CIP) of Malta, Montenegro, Turkey and Dominica offer no real privacy for citizens who invest in these countries for passport.

These two countries publish names of citizens who acquired citizenship through investments in Official Government gazette to general public. The name of investors and any family members are also published. This means anybody can subscribe to Gazette to look up your names.  With increased surveillance done by Governments, these two countries offer no real privacy if you are somebody who values privacy as important.

Malta Gazette publication is available for public for free, while Dominica Government requires $40 for subscription by postal mail. All the other countries which offer CBI schemes, offer privacy to citizenship investors and do not publish / reveal names to public.

We do not recommend Malta and Dominica CBI schemes, if you value privacy.

CBI/CIP Official Gazette
Antigua No
Dominica Yes
Grenada No
Malta Yes
Cyprus No
Bulgaria No
St Kitts and Nevis No
Saint Lucia No
Montenegro Yes
Turkey Yes