A number of world countries offer golden visas in exchange for treasury securities or bonds issued by Governments. You just need to know where to look. Buying into Government debt are basically risk free passive investments, a safe bet, especially in the times of Covid-19 there is financial meltdown everywhere, and shockwaves felt in every market.

Remember, you get permanent residency for investing in Government treasury bills/bonds. The entire sum is returned back to you after usually 5 years with no interest. The principal is guaranteed by government, basically a safe and secure investment. This is also a cheapest route to buy into a golden visa.

You can also finance the entire bond investment through an investment company, because the yields are fixed interest are quite low . You can find the latest rate of long term bond yields of governments bonds/securities for EU countries  in Eurostat website. You can also download pdf

So which countries offer golden visa for government bonds?

These 15 countries have the option of investing in treasury bonds to acquire a golden visa or passport.

Golden Visas

Note: We are only talking about residency/golden visa here (not citizenship or passport). See the list below

 Country  Minimum Investment
1. Latvia EUR 250,000 interest free
2. Canada (Quebec) CAD 1,200,000 (suspended until April 2023)
3. Greece EUR 400,000
4. Malta EUR 125,000 closed
5. Portugal EUR 1.5 million (increase from 2022)
6. Spain EUR 2 million
7. San Marino €600,000 (10 years)
8. Taiwan USD1 million
9. Italy EUR 2 million
10. Bulgaria EUR 512,000 
11. Australia (PIV) AUD 15 million (mixed)
12. New Zealand NZD 2.5 million (mixed)
13. Bermuda USD 2.5 million
14. Luxembourg EUR 500,000
15. Sri Lanka USD 300,000

Direct Citizenship

1. Saint Lucia USD 250,000 (Active)
2. Turkey USD 500,000 (Active)
3. Vanuatu AUD 180,000 (Active)
3. Cyprus EUR 2 million (closed)
4. Moldova EUR 250,000 (closed)

These countries have removed the government bond option for golden visa route

  • Malta – Govt bonds removed from April 2021
  • United KingdomGovt bonds removed for £2m tier1 investor visas
  • Hungary – Residency bond scheme closed
  • Cyprus – Removed for citizenship option
  • Moldova – Fully closed

In case you dont know, there are only handful of countries that offer fast track passports for investing in government bonds