Which Citizenship by investment programs are easiest to apply? We looked into several things such as difficulty in documentation, paperwork, personal visits and e-application process?

  • Application forms availability for free online
  • Documentation difficulty (arranging passport copies, confidential application process, apostille or certification etc)
  • Application completion difficulty (number of forms required)
  • Electronic application process (e-filing)
  • Processing speed in days
  • Travel or personal trips required during Covid

These are the easiest citizenship by investment programs to apply during Covid, in terms of difficulty in application completion and documentation process.

  1. Vanuatu  (Easy)
  2. St Lucia  (Medium to Hard))
  3. Antigua / St Kitts / Grenada / Dominica  (Hard)
  4.  Turkey / Montenegro (Difficult)
  5.  Malta  (Very difficult)

You can see from the comparison table the Malta is the most difficult to apply and the application and documentation process is quite hard. Vanuatu is the easiest citizenship by investment program to apply. The application and document part gets even cumbersome with more family members applying.

For the programs that are hard and difficult, you will need to hire the help of lawyer to complete the application without making any mistakes or omissions. Any missing documentation cause lot of delays getting your approval. The Agent or lawyer will help you out on the required attestations or apostille on certain important documents (birth or marriage certificate, police and medical certificate etc)

Here is the comparison table

Travel required Electronic filing Oath required Documentation difficulty Application difficulty Processing times Application Forms Online Difficulty Rating
Antigua No Yes Yes 8 8 90 days No 8
Dominica No Yes Yes 8 8 90 days No 8
Grenada No Yes Yes 8 8 90 days No 8
St Kitts and Nevis No Yes No 8 8 90 days No 8
St Lucia No Yes Yes 8 8 60 days Yes 7
Vanuatu No Yes Yes 5 4 30 days Yes 4
Turkey No Yes Yes 8 8 90 days No 8
Malta Yes Yes Yes 9 9 6-12 months Yes 9
Montenegro Yes No Yes 8 8 90 days No 8