Dominica Citizenship by investment program has become the most popular CBI in 2021. For many investors, adding dependants can be quite confusing. Either you can include family members in one single application or add them later, known as post citizenship addition, that is after the main applicant as single applicant acquires citizenship.

Dominica’s 2020 Regulations amended the meaning of “dependant” to include a wider range of family members. Now, investors have more scope than ever before to include members of their immediate and extended family in an application under the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Programme.

So Dominica CBI program basically provides two routes to add your family members as dependants

  1. Family application – Immediate inclusion in one single family application
  2.  Post citizenship addition

Family Application

Here you include your family members collectively in one single application.  These are eligibility conditions provided by Citizenship Unit of Dominica (CBIU)


Yes, you can add your spouse.


Yes, you can add your children, if they are less than 30 years old if they are financially supported. Mentally challenged or physically disabled children also accepted

Dominica Citizenship - Adding Children

Mothers Spouse

Yes, mothers can be added if they are substantially supported by the applicant


Yes, if substantially supported by the applicant

Grandfathers spouse

Yes, if substantially supported.


Adding Siblings can be quite complicated. This flowchart makes you to understand simple criteria. Only childless siblings less than 26 years can be added for Dominica citizenship


Post Citizenship Additions

Adding family members at a later time is desired by many applicants. This way you dont need to spend too much money upfront. First you apply as single main applicant, get approval then you can think about family members at your own pace.

Dominica’s 2020 Regulations have expanded the ways in which an economic citizen can make a post-citizenship addition for his or her family members. This includes additions of new born children and newly married spouses. For economic citizens who were main applicants in an original application, it also includes additions of family members who are dependants and who would have qualified as dependants at the time of the original application.

Mr. X obtained citizenship of Dominica under the CBI Programme. Mr. X wants to make a post-citizenship addition in respect of her new born child, new spouse, and mother. This information is provided by Citizenship Unit of Dominica (CBIU)

New Spouse

Yes, it is possible for USD 75,000, if more than one year passed. This is waived (becomes much cheaper) if you apply within a year. You only pay USD 5,000 instead of USD 75,000

New spouse

New Born child

Yes, you can include for just for a flat fee of USD 500. No other fee applies.


If you have applied as main applicant initial citizenship applicant, then you can include your mother for citizenship under post citizenship addition. Dependant mothers do not qualify.

You have to pay $50,000 or $75,000 depending on whether you apply before or after one year. There are also additional due diligence and processing fees.


You can also download a free Dominica CBIU Brochure in pdf format