Post citizenship additions (PCA) have become extremely popular due to Covid. This way you dont commit to spending too much money upfront paying for family members. You can add dependants at later stages subject to availability of funds. When you apply as single main applicant, it gets much cheaper for you.

With the main applicant just one person applying, the whole process of application paperwork of collecting documents (police certificate, health certificate, legalisation etc.) becomes easier and the process can be accelerated for faster citizenship. You can apply at your own pace.

Post citizenship addition means you add family members (spouse, children, siblings) after the main applicant receives citizenship. You pay a flat fee to include dependants at any later stage including new born child.

Due diligence checks are also carried out on all family members and not exempted.

As far as we know, only three countries allow post citizenship additions of family members. These are Antigua, Dominica and Saint Lucia. Take a look below the prices..

1. Antigua and Barbuda

Below are the prices for Addition of Dependents for the CIP

Dependent child aged 0-11$10,000
Dependent child aged 12-17$20,000
Dependent Parent aged 58 and over$75,000

* Standard due diligence and passport fees apply
* Discount Limited Time Offer: Until October 31, 2020, US $10,000.00 for children 5 years and under, US $20,000.00 for children age 6-17

2. Dominica

Dominica allows spouse, new born child and parents to be added for post citizenship within one year or after one year. The fee below depends on the time frame

Less than 1 yearAfter 1 year
Spouse$75,000 (Govt fee) + $1000 (processing fee) + $4000 (DD fee)$75,000  (Govt fee) + $1000 (processing fee) + $7500 (main applicant) + $4000  DD(spouse)
New born child$500$500
Father / MotherGovt fee: $50,000
$5000 (processing + due diligence)
$50,000 (1 year or less from cutoff date 29 July 2020) OR

$75,000 (more than one year from cutoff  29 July date)

+ $12,500 (processing / DD)

3. Saint Lucia

St Lucia now permits add on dependants for citizenship by investment application paying a flat fee.

New born child (under 1 year)$500
SpouseUS$ 35,000
Dependants (any)US$ 25,000

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