A Pandemic passport is generally used to escape lockdown and cross borders using the ‘citizen status’.

Dual Citizenship has emerged as a powerful status during this global pandemic, many countries helping their citizens to safely reach home free of charge. Visas, residence permits issued to non-citizens have lost its shine becoming dispensable. So many countries barred residents and visa holders from entering midst Covid-19 allowing only nationals into the country.

With most commercial airlines are grounded due to covid-19, there are alternative means of transport available such as ship, road transport or even some wealthy individuals can arrange their own private jets to reach home (all travels subjected to quarantine rules).

For example, you have more than one citizenship (dual citizen), as a citizen, travel restrictions are not imposed by your own country to join your family.

Pandemic passports by investments have become extremely popular lately. There are only close to dozen countries that offer passports through investments within a few months. Some of these countries do not require you to visit at all during Covid-19 for issue of citizenship certificate and passport.

Prices on investment based pandemic passports have become cheaper starting from $100,000. Recently a caribbean country of Saint Lucia issued Covid-19 relief bonds to raise funds and in exchange, investors get fast tracked citizenship within 90 days.  The Bonds can be disposed off after 5 years giving investors full investment back while retaining citizenship for life.

Alternative passports also help with privacy for many wealthy individuals who dont want to disclose their identity as US or UK citizen when traveling, besides diversifying assets offshore for asset protection

Below are the most popular pandemic passport programs

  • Antigua and Barbuda ($100K)
  • Dominica ($100K)
  • Saint Lucia ($100K)
  • Grenada ($150K)
  • St Kitts and Nevis ($150K)
  • Vanuatu ($130K)
  • Montenegro ($250K)
  • Malta  (€1m)
  • Cyprus (€2m)
  • Bulgaria (€1m)

There are 196 countries in the countries and 61 territories in the world, most of them will permit citizens entry. A latest data compiled by NCCR, only seven countries and territories have banned their own citizens from entry to prevent the spread of Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Aruba
  • Uzbekistan
  • Belarus
  • Ecuador
  • Guam
  • Nepal
  • North Korea