The Importance of citizenship planning cannot be ignored in today’s modern cosmopolitan world. Citizenship is such an important status, a bond between a citizen and the state, that offers safety, unlimited freedom and endless possibilities.

To start with citizenship planning you need plenty of time. There are so many factors involved to think about, you will need to prepare and plan well ahead atleast six months in advance. The most difficult decision is picking your favorite country where you want to become a citizen. Take your time! Don’t rush!

If you feel confused or cannot decide which country is best for you, this indicates you haven’t done your research giving yourself plenty of time. Dont go around knocking the doors of agents or service providers asking which country is best to apply. It is the choice YOU have to make not others.

We get so many clients who come to us in confused state, unable to decide which country and program to apply, shooting us all sorts of questions, this and that, at the end of the day they will end up applying for no program.  We have only one answer for such clients ‘Take your time’.

You should not also wait for too long. Dont lose the life changing opportunity looking for cheap deals. Dont miss out the ride of your life. In 2019, a significant number of clients who inquired for CBI and RBI programs did not apply, later Covid lockdowns came shutting down worldwide air travel  and consulates remain closed for visas. A huge opportunity is lost! Yes you saved your money but missed out on the ride.

When a great opportunity presents itself, knocks your door, take it, grab it with your both hands.

Simple steps

We give you some simple steps for citizenship and residence planning. You can do it yourself with your morning cup of coffee everyday.

  • Plan well ahead in advance (6 months)
  • Are you allowed dual citizenship by your home country?
  • Do you want Citizenship or Residency?
  • Do your homework and research. Weigh in additional factors (see below)
  • Pick your country and program of your choice.
  • Execute your plan.

Plan Well Ahead

The first step is planning well ahead in advance. Do your research on the country, programs, costs and all other details. Allow enough time. These things take atleast 10 months.

  • Research: 3 months
  • Planning: 2 months
  • Processing: 4 months
  • Completion: 1 month
  • Total: 10 months

Even if you manage to get a passport, citizenship or residency, getting used to a new country, new people, new life and overcoming climate, language barrier and cultural barriers will consume atleast 2 years on top of it. It is not easy as you think! You will also need a bit of luck!

Dual Citizenship

The first and most important step that will decide your country for citizenship is the ‘dual citizenship’ factor. First check whether your home country allows or restricts dual citizenship. Some countries require prior permission.

The full list of countries are available here

Careful that you dont flout dual citizenship rules. In some countries citizenship is automatically lost when you acquire foreign citizenship. You wont even know it.! If you lose your citizenship, you risk being stateless (your passport will also be revoked)

Making this choice will put you in the right direction.

Citizenship or Residency

The answer to this is pretty simple:

CBI: If your country allows dual citizenship (eg. US, UK, Italy etc) then apply for CBI programs (direct passport). You can have as many citizenships or passports you want creating a collection.

Residency: If you are not allowed dual citizenship, then simply you cannot hold dual passports, then you are better off applying for just residency programs (ie. golden visas). You dont need to be a citizen all the time, being a resident or just permanent resident is more than enough. You will have all the basic citizen rights, except right to vote or work for government. You are free pursue your citizenship by naturalization any time (eg. in US or Canada) by renouncing your previous nationality.

We have made a simple flowchart for citizenship planning.

Citizenship planning flowchart

Citizenship planning (flowchart) – Download pdf

Important factors

These are the most important factors must be taken into account for citizenship and residence planning

  • Safety is first
  • Political stability
  • Healthcare and medical system
  • Powerful economy and strong currency
  • Equal rights, no discrimination and women’s rights
  • Free from Natural disasters
  • Climatic conditions
  • Education for Children
  • Geographic proximity
  • Banking, Financial freedom
  • Affordable cost of living.
  • Ease of doing business
  • No Language barriers
  • Immigrant integration
  • History and Culture
  • Dual citizenship
  • Passport power
  • Taxable regime
  • Religious freedom
  • Right to vote, political participation and public offices
  • Embassy or Consulate support abroad.
  • Asset protection and Wealth management
  • Privacy to lead a peaceful life.
  • Legal and justice system
  • Media and news freedom
  • Gender neutrality
  • Freedom of expression

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