Dominica citizens who acquired their citizenship through citizenship by investment (CBI) scheme can vote in general elections. But there are conditions

  • CBI citizens do not have automatic voting rights.
  • CBI citizens who have not lived in dominica for atleast 1 year will not be able to vote.

According to Electoral office of Dominica, the following are the conditions to be eligible to vote.

Qualified persons

A person is qualified to be registered as an elector for a polling district if he/she:

  • is a citizen of the Commonwealth of Dominica or
  • is a citizen of member states of the Commonwealth of Nations who has resided in Dominica for a period of twelve (12) months immediately before the qualifying date; and
  • is eighteen (18) years of age or over;
  • has resided in that polling district for a continuous period of at least three months immediately preceding the date of registration. The residence qualification does not apply to persons who have attained the age of eighteen years within the period of three months immediately preceding the date of registration.


  • A person can only be registered as an elector for one polling district at a time.
  • A person who is registered as an elector in a polling district but no longer resides in that polling district is qualified to remain registered in that district until he/she becomes qualified to be registered as an elector in another polling district.

Cannot Vote

A person is disqualified from being registered as an elector if he/she:

  • is found or declared to be of unsound mind or a patient at an institution primarily for the reception and treatment of persons suffering from mental illness;
  • is undergoing any sentence of imprisonment in Dominica;
  • is under sentence of death imposed on him by a court in any part of the Commonwealth or under sentence of imprisonment exceeding twelve months which has not been served or been pardoned for;
  • is disqualified by written law for registration as an elector