We are excited to announce that Best Citizenships as a Global brand for Citizenship and Residence planning.

The Best Citizenships platform was launched in 2011 assisting HNW clients with Citizenship by Investment (CBI) and Golden Visa (GV) programs. This gives us almost a decade of experience handling HNW families applying for citizenship and residence schemes.

Today we are widely recognized as a global brand for citizenship and residence planning. The Covid19 pandemic has made even a common man to think about second citizenships or taking up residence abroad. This had led to a surge in demand for citizenship and residence planning offshore.

Our platform works like Airbnb/Uber for citizenship planning, we connect clients directly to authorized agents, making it cheaper and faster for clients. We are not agents and do not advise clients. Our platform is free to use and we do not charge any fee for our clients. We are compensated by our partners. No registration is required to use our platform and fully free for public.

We work with trusted partners, who are consultants, law firms and real estate developers, authorized by Governments. Our expertise is of world class, with the best professional assisting HNW clients for a number of years.

Prosperity, freedom and mobility is a basic human right.

We firmly believe in all country nationals must consider second citizenship planning as we head towards uncertain future. We spearhead new technologies and digital innovation in the CBI/RBI industry

Being as a citizen of one country, will only trap you within from experiencing freedom, and opportunities abroad. We want you to invest in success and in the future of your loved ones.

Through our brands we promote “I am a World Citizen” and “We change lives forever” motto to our clients.

The Best Citizenships brand belongs to Yellow network, one family of startups. We have been featured in numerous research papers, news and books.  We launched the Yellow network in 2019, bringing together all the startups for CBI and RBI industry towards digital innovation.