Despite being in business for almost a decade, a lot of people do not properly understand what Best citizenships is all about.

Best Citizenships (in short BC) is a citizenship/residence planning and comparison platform for Golden visas and Citizenship by Investment programs. We have been assisting HNW clients since 2011 being first platform and trusted citizenship experts in the industry.

How do we work?

Think of it like Airbnb/Uber. For example Airbnb does not own a single property (likewise Uber does not own any cars) but they connect customers to the respective owners through the app.

Our platform (website/app) works like Airbnb, connects clients to trusted government approved agents. We directly connect clients to trusted government authorized agents, law firms and property developers without intermediaries – making it cheaper, easier and faster for clients. As a platform, we are not agents and we do not advise clients, instead we rely on our partners to do that. We provide full transparency to our clients from pricing to operating process.

Our platform is free of charge. We dont charge any fee to our clients, we are compensated by our partners. Infact you dont even need to register. We offer tonnes of free tools, resources and free downloads to understand more about citizenship by investment programs.

Best Citizenships belongs to a bunch of startups (in yellow network) for the investment immigration industry offering CBI/RBI programs. Without our platform you wont know answers which program is cheap, best, pros and cons with each of the program, afterall you are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars.

To know more about how we work, please understand first what is a citizenship platform?

We have been cited in international books, news media and research papers.  We have done a significant amount of research in citizenships and passports and this is why we publish best citizenships rankings every year. You can read all about our work, testimonials from our clients in our about us page

We advice to more than 1000 high-net worth families every year with citizenship and residence planning.