Best Citizenships is now a part of the Yellow network which consists of ten exciting startups for CBI/Golden visa industry.

We are one chain one network!

We believe our new brand brings new innovations taking the industry to new heights. Currently the CBI and Golden visa industry is estimated at $5 billion annually.and projected to grow more.

The Yellow Network

The Yellow network consists of 10 exciting startup brands which include news media, museum, council and forum as non-profits.

  • Citizenship by Investment Journal (CIP Journal)
  • World Citizenship Council (WCC) – Non profit organization
  • World Citizenship Forum (WCF) –  Non profit organization
  • World Passport Museum (WPM) – – Non profit organization
  • Citizenship Shop – Shopping platform for Passport by investment (PBI) schemes
  • Best Citizenships (BC) – Online comparison platform for CBI/RBI schemes
  • Gold Passports – Special passports issued under CBI schemes
  • Citizenship Coin – cryptocurrency for the CBI and RBI industry
  • Citizenship Coin Bank – Cryptobank/exchange for the CBI industry
  • Hotel Citizenship Platform – Decentralized ownership in hotel rooms for citizenship
  • CBI Citizen Magazine – Publishing platform

Citizenship by Investment

The Concept of Citizenship by Investment (CBI) first began in the small island of St Kitts and Nevis, since then it has become a $2 billion industry. From just 2 countries, today there are over 12 countries operating CBI schemes. The revenues from CBI schemes has brought significant benefits to small economies driving GDP growth, reducing public debts, further invested in social welfare projects such as housing, education, healthcare and disaster recovery. CBI schemes have become enormously popular among HNW investors who seek second passport for travel freedom. A number of five star hotels constructed funded by CBI schemes

CBI schemes offer instant passports within 3 months including all family members

Golden visas

Golden visas are instant residency schemes with a path to citizenship in the future against property or business investment. US, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia all offer gold visas to foreign investors. Most schemes do not require to live in the country after investment.

Investments start from $300,000 in Europe, $1million in US/Canada


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