The Maltese golden visa scheme gives immediate permanent residence rights to third country nationals to settle indefinitely in Malta against investing in Government bonds or stocks. This program is a super interesting program remains the cheapest golden visa to immigrate to Europe.

Malta’s official language is english and sunshine country, will be great benefit to those who want to make Malta as second home. The Maltese residence card offers free movement rights to travel, visit and do business in the schengen area (26 countries). The MRVA agency is responsible for administering this golden visa program.

A number of clients who come to us do not properly understand the conditions of the MRV scheme and the way it works.

We will explain everything here. You have to satisfy all conditions below to qualify for the maltese.

Remember these important conditions and points.

1. Investment rules

Under the MRV regulations, you can invest a minimum €250,000 in bonds or stocks under the current regulations held for 5 years.

  • Govt bonds/stocks : Investment can also be made in Government Stocks or Bonds that can be purchase from a suitable stockbroker.
  •  Securities:  investments made in debt or equity securities listed on the Official List of the Malta Stock Exchange. Investment in these securities may also be achieved through an investment in collective investment schemes that are licenced and are on the Official List of the Malta Stock Exchange.
  • Financing: We offer financing of Government bonds. We offer this program for all inclusive package price of €135,000 (includes 30,000 Govt fee and agent fee). This option remains the cheapest route who cannot afford €250K investment

2. Proof of Assets

You must prove any one of the following, in addition the above investment.

  • Have net assets atleast 500,000€  (property, investments, stocks, shares of 10% ownership of more, cash, gifts etc) (or)
  • Have an annual income of 100,000 €.  (Evidence, such as income tax returns, salary slips, or contract of employment showing the annual salary is enough)

You must remember this only applies for main applicant, irrespective of dependants or children. If you cant prove, then you are not eligible for the program, even if you have enough funds of €125K or more

3. Rent a Home

You must rent a home for the purpose of golden visa. No schengen country in europe would give you residence permit without renting a place to live. You are not required to live but you can stay at this place of residence when you visit Malta.

Applicants are also required to rent a property for a minimum of €10,000 in the South of Malta or €12,000 in the North of Malta for 5 years.


Purchase a property for a minimum value of €270,000 in the South of Malta and €320,000 in the North of Malta.

You only have to lease a place  ONLY after receiving the Letter of Approval in Principle. No requirement to buy immovable property, renting would just be enough.

4. Health Insurance

You must also take a health insurance coverage for main applicant and family members. It will cost you around 1,500 euros per year.

5. Family members

Malta residence program is a great residency program for families. This is why

  • No age limit for children
  • Parents and grandparents (4th generation) can be included paying a flat €5,000 per person.

Dependants can also be included at later stages.

6. Restricted Countries

The nationals of these countries cannot apply: Afghanistan, North Korea, Iran, EEA and Switzerland.

7. Living requirements

There is no requirement to permanent live or immigrate to live under the malta golden visa scheme. You just have to visit Malta for 1 day to complete the process. This has to be done only Letter of Final Approval takes atleast 6 months. The main applicant and all dependants have to travel to Malta to have their biometric data captured.

8. Residence Certificate

Malta golden visa is the only program in Europe which issues residency card (issued for 5 years) as well as a residency certificate, which is valid for a lifetime. No other golden visa scheme issue such such certificate

You should not confuse residence certificate with residence card (pink one)

9.Processing times

The official time frame from start to finish is 6-8 months. We ask clients to allow plenty of time and apply well in advance. We dont know how long the program remains open, sure it will be a limited opportunity

10. Government Fees

These are the government fees under the golden visa program

  • 30,000 € Govt processing fee  per application  covers the main applicant, spouse and children  ( initial €5,500 be settled)
  • 5,000 € for parent or grandparent per person
  • €137.50 per person for the initial 5 years and €27.50 per year for renewals

11. Steps to apply

First you must understand. You must make the investment ONLY after letter of approval is issued by Govt.

You can start the process by paying 5,500 Govt fee plus agent fee (50%). All payments are in installments spread over 6 months. No discounts possible with Govt fees.

12. Paper work

You must be ready with the following documentation

The official documents are:

1. ID Card;
2. birth certificate;
3. marriage certificate;
4. Divorce certificate;
5. passport;
6. Police certificate (original only is accepted);
7. military records;
8. Award of custody

Translations done abroad have to be apostilled/legalised.

Official documents/notarial certificates originating in China have to be legalised, meaning that such documents have to be certified by the foreign ministry of China and subsequently certified by either the Maltese Embassy in Beijing or the Maltese Consulate in Shanghai.

13. Malta Citizenship

This program also offers path to maltese citizenship after 5 years of living.

No citizenship if you dont live in Malta. To be eligible for maltese citizenship through naturalization, you must have resided in Malta throughout the 12 months immediately before the date of application and 4 years out of the preceding 6-year period. They also check for good conduct and sound mind and also maltese and english language proficiency

Remember you give children and excellent opportunity to become a EU citizen or malta passport holder when they grow up. This will give them great opportunity to pursue their studies in Europe, US, Canada or Australia.

14. Taxes in Malta

Malta does not levy taxes based on worldwide income. Capital gains arising outside Malta will remain not taxable in Malta even if received in Malta.  Further There are no inheritance, gift, or wealth taxes in Malta.

This is a great advantage for HNWI clients looking for international tax planning. If you are looking for more tax benefits, please refer to global residence program.

A person who is neither ordinarily resident nor domiciled in Malta is taxable only on income arising in Malta.

15. Work permit

The Malta Golden visa investment program does not automatically entitle beneficiary to any employment licences. Beneficiary can apply for a work permit through normal procedures.

16. Household Staff

The Malta golden visa program does not allow inclusion of household workers in the application

Domestic or household staff provide in house services for an individual or a family, from providing care for children and elderly dependents with housekeeping, cleaning and household maintenance.  If you want to include household staff, please see global residence program

17. Individual Investor Program

Switching is allowed. You can also switch to citizenship by investment scheme (IIP) by raising the investment once your application is approved.

18. Background Checks

You will first undergo free initial background check done by Agent for KYC and Due diligence (DD). After a few days the agent will inform you whether you are eligible or not.  After that the MRVA agency will do comprehensive checks for criminal record, and source of funds complying with all EU regulations.

19. Restricted countries

You cannot apply if you are a citizen of Afghanistan, North Korea, Iran, EEA and Switzerland.

20. Education

Malta has excellent best education system for schools and universities. Malta is a bilingual country, both English and Maltese are spoken in the classroom and on the playground.

In Malta schools are divided into three categories: state schools, church schools and independent schools. State schools are free to all students and can be found in all the main towns or villages in Malta and Gozo. Transport to and from school is also free, as are books and other school materials.

Education at tertiary level is publicly funded and is also free, and students receive a stipend as well as an allowance for academic-related expenditure. The University of Malta is one of the oldest universities in the Mediterranean.