The Maltese golden visa program remains the cheapest and popular golden visa scheme in Europe’s schengen area. The scheme offers permanent residence rights to investors buying or financing maltese government bonds and stocks listed in stock exchange.

A number of clients have asked us whether golden visa in Malta lead to citizenship.

The answer is YES. The Malta government has recently relaxed rules allowing golden visa investors to apply for citizenship through ordinary naturalization.

According to the explanation from MRV Agency, citizenship is indeed possible after 5 years under the following conditions.

A foreigner may submit an application for the acquisition of Maltese citizenship by naturalisation after continuously residing in Malta for a period of 5 years.

She/he should have resided in Malta throughout the 12 months immediately before the date of application and 4 years out of the preceding 6-year period. S/he has to be knowledgeable in spoken/written English and Maltese, of sound mind and of good conduct.

The Minister has the discretion, according to the Law, to grant or refuse the application. It does not, therefore, mean that if such person satisfies the said conditions s/he would automatically be granted citizenship by naturalisation. The Minister’s decision is based on internal policies, whereby amongst other requirements, the number of years could also be a feature in the examination of the relative request

Once the citizenship application is approved, the investor and family members are eligible for Maltese passport. You also should know Malta is a powerful EU passports in the world with visa free access to 170+ countries and territories including United States, Canada, United Kingdom etc.

Please note at the moment third country nationals from Afghanistan, North Korea, Iran, EEA and Switzerland cannot apply for Malta golden visa scheme. The list is revised every year.