Greece offers the best investment climate in Europe and undeniably one of the top countries to live, do business, work and retire.  Greece is rich in history, a major trade hub Southeast Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean. Greece is a EU member state, Eurozone member and Schengen state.

Here are the some of the solid reasons why you should buy a golden visa investing in Greece.

Migrant friendly – Greece is one of the top countries in Europe with highest integration with migrants

Real estate – Greece still has the lowest property prices compared to rest of the EU member states. It is probably the best time to invest for a great future investment. Prices for Greek residential property rose 9.1% on year in the third quarter of 2019.

Arab investors: The geographic location of Greece is not far away from arab world. This is particularly attractive to many arab investors who prefer buying properties not far away from their home and easy to travel. Another major attraction is, there is absolutely no requirement to live in Greece for property buyers under golden visa scheme.

Tax cuts: Greece also offers VAT exemption to property investors and other cuts in tax rates on corporate and personal income, as well as tax rates on dividends. The new law also provides incentives for wealthy individuals who choose to reside in Greece for at least six months per year.

Economy – Greece’s economy expanded at a better-than-expected 2.3% year-on-year rate in the third quarter, according to the latest data by the Hellenic Statistical Authority, supported by strong tourism inflows, growing consumer spending and investment.

Sunshine country – Greece has warm climate with lots of sunshine days per year.  Greece has mediterranean climate with hot dry summers winters are cold and wet.

Debt Reduction – Greece concluded the early repayment of €2.7 billion in IMF loans, reducing the country’s interest expenses and improving its debt profile. The move, which was expected, reflects Greece’s improved fiscal position.

Tourism – Revenues from foreign visitors reached €16.08 billion in the first nine months of the year, up by 14% surpassing the total for 2018

Education – Greece has best education systems in Europe offering free education to children

Healthcare – Greece has one of the best healthcare systems in the world same  as Greek nationals.

Chinese  – The Greek golden visa scheme is particularly attractive to chinese investors as Greece has friendly relations with China. Greece has also seen rising numbers of individual Chinese visiting Greece and investing in residential property especially in Athens and Piraeus. Greece’s largest Piraeus port surpassed 5 million containers in November, placing the port among the busiest in Europe and recently agreements have been signed between Greece and China to finance construction of the piraeus port. A number of chinese tech companies have established presence in Greece. Greece and China have begun a new chapter in bilateral relations following back-to-back state visits in 2019 among them extradition treaty was signed.

Powerful passport – Greece has 4th powerful european passport in the world in a new passport study done by us. The Greek passport had visa free access to 177 out 196 countries in the world including US, Canada, United Kingdom and full rights of establishment in the European Union.

EU citizenship: Greece offers a full path to become a EU citizen by naturalization after 7-8 years of legally living in Greece.

Language diversity: Greeks speak multiple languages for diversity. The most common foreign languages learned by Greeks are English, German, French and Italian. English is a teaching language.

Permanent residency – Greece golden visa scheme catapulted into one of the worlds best run golden visa scheme and highly successful scheme in Europe. This is because Greece as schengen country, offers immediate permanent residence cards to property buyers above EUR 250,000. Greece also offers 10 year golden visa for strategic investments. The golden visa scheme also offers number of additional investment options such as possibility to buy bonds, shares and bank deposits. The golden visa fees is is low compared to Portugal or Malta.

Tax residency – Greece recently opened new scheme offering an attractive tax residency scheme offering a simple flat tax to HNW investors and millionaires.