We get a lot of inquiries from clients asking about per sq.m property prices in countries that offer CBI and Golden visas against real estate investment. We have compiled some useful information about real estate market prices in these countries.

These are the per square meter property prices prevailing in real estate market in countries running citizenship by investment (CBI) and Golden visa (GV) schemes.

The average property prices calculated, assuming per square metre prices for apartments or residential properties located in the city center of capitals of each country, where there is a prime real estate rental market.  For European countries, prices have been converted to USD from Euro at todays exchange rate.

  • Citizenship by investment (CBI) schemes offer passports to investor against real estate investment. Minimum investment required is $200,000 onwards
  • Golden Visa schemes offer permanent residency against real estate purchase above $280,000 (€250K)

For example, if you buy a residential property (100 sq.m)  in Portugal, it would cost you about $430K, slightly higher than Greece, much cheaper, you pay only $150K for the same in Montenegro.

United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Australia have the world’s expensive real estate market only suitable for HNW investors.

In the Caribbean,  Antigua and St Kitts property prices picked up recently, now costs more for citizenship investors. St Lucia is the cheapest along with Grenada.

You can download the infographic below.

Property prices in CBI and Golden Visa countries


CBI (Citizenship by Investment) Per Square Meter (USD)
Antigua $3501
St Kitts and Nevis $3496
Saint Lucia $1860
Grenada $2000
Dominica $2775
Cyprus $1881
Malta $5129
Bulgaria $1864
Turkey $5135
Egypt $831
Montenegro $1569
Moldova $1081
Vanuatu $900

Golden Visa

Golden Visa Per Square Meter (USD)
Greece $4057
Portugal $4293
Malta $5129
United Kingdom $23743
Ireland $6462
United States $17,191
Canada $10947
Australia $10711
New Zealand $3438
Netherlands $7737
Italy $7386
Latvia $3126

Source: Global Property Guide