Documents Checklist for Malta Golden Visa Program

The following documents are required along with application forms to apply for the Malta Permanent Residence Program (MPRP).  If you have more questions, see our FAQ page

Required Documents

The  following basic documents are required to submit application pack. Original official documents or a certified true copy is accepted, except for the police conduct which must always be in original. However, if certification is done abroad, an apostille/legalisation of the certifier is required. Translations of original, or of certified true copies of these official documents, need to be apostilled/legalised if done abroad.

  • International passports, ID cards, residence permits
  • GDPR declaration
  • Birth certificates

Original, original extract or a certified true copy of the original birth certificate, bearing the required apostille/legalisation, must be submitted.

  • Marriage / divorce certificates
  • Military records
  • Statement of Source of Funds & Wealth
  • Evidence of residential address abroad
  • Medical certificate

The examining physician must certify that the individual being examined is the one appearing on the identification document presented and complete the form by:
• annexing a copy of this identification document to the form;
• certifying that the individual examined is the person shown on the annexed copy by providing a written statement;
• signing, stamping and dating the annexed copy; and completing the declaration

  • Police certificate

All applicants aged 14 and over at the time of application submission must provide an original police conduct certificate as issued by the competent national/federal authorities in the country of origin and in the country or countries of residence where the applicant has resided for a period of more than 6 months during the last 10 years.Police certificates must be in original, less than 6 months old upon submission of
application and certified by the national/federal police system of the relevant country. Police certificates do not require a further apostille/ legalisation if submitted from the following jurisdictions: EEA, EU, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada. Any police conduct certificates which are not in the English language should be translated accordingly.

  • Evidence of business ownership, employment
  • Change of name document

Application Forms

All forms can be downloaded free of charge in the below link from the official Malta website.

  • Form MPRP 1 – Application Form
  • Form MPRP 2 – Personal Details
  • Form MPRP 3 – Medical Report and Questionnaire
  • Form MPRP 4 – Dependant Declaration – Adult
  • Form MPRP 4A – Dependant Declaration – Minor
  • Form MPRP 5 – Official Compliance Form
  • Form MPRP 7 – Additional Dependant
  • Form MPRP 8 – Rent or Purchase Declaration Form
  • Form MPRP 10 – GDPR Declaration