The Citizenship by Investment programs have scored big in recent years. According to our analysis, more than 150,000 golden passports have been granted by my nations for investments alone with the Caribbean countries leading from the front. The Five Caribbean countries issued 88,000 golden passports to investors. 

Country Passports Source
St.Kitts & Nevis 36,742 Figures based on European Commission Report
Dominica 34,500 Figures based on European Commission Report
Antigua 7,200 Data based on Antigua CIP Report
Grenada 6,701 Based on Ministry of Finance Grenada Report


Based on Figures from European Commission and data from St.Lucia CIP Annual report. Actual figures may vary.
Vanuatu 10,500 Figures based on EU report on Vanuatu citizenship March 2021,
Comoros 52,000

Based on Government officially announced from 2009 to 2016, a total of 52,000 passports were sold as part of the economic citizenship program

Montenegro 409 Figures based on Montenegro government report
Turkey 20,000

According to the figures registered with the General Directorate of Registration and Turkish Citizenship Affairs, the number of foreign investors who obtained Turkish citizenship until mid-2022 reached nearly 20 thousand foreign investors.

Cyprus 6,779 Based on EU report on naturalisations under the investor citizenship scheme from 2007 until 2020.
Bulgaria 100 Based on data from Justice Ministry
Malta 4,967

Based on ORGCES report, In total, since the inception of the Programme up till the end of December 2021, 1452 Main Applicants had their application successfully concluded. The IIP Regulations stipulate a threshold of 1,800 successful Applicants (excluding Dependants) for the whole duration of the Programme. Thus, the figure of 1,452 successful Main Applicants constitutes 81% of the quota established in the IIP Regulations. Total of 3,515 dependents were included in the application.

Moldova 52

According to GlobalCIT report, based on information from January 2021, 20 applicants and 32 family members have acquired via CBI

North Macedonia 121

Between 2005 and 2022, According to EU report

Jordan 402 According to Amman News
Egypt TBD NA
Cambodia no official figures on the number of passports issued NA

Note: Compiled from official reports, media and other sources. Data may not be accurate for some countries.