The Government of Commonwealth of Dominica has announced important measures to strengthen the background checks of applications.  From 17 July 2023 onwards, all applicants who apply for citizenship by investment, sixteen years of age or over will be required to attend a mandatory interview.

On 25, Feb 2023, a historic round table conference was held by five caribbean nations agreed to implement a common set of security checks on CBI applicants to protect the integrity of financial systems.

1.Interviews Required.

From 17 July 2023 onwards, all applicants sixteen years of age or over will be required to attend a mandatory interview.

2.Enhanced Due Diligence 

From 17 July 2023 onwards, enhanced due diligence will be conducted on all Iranian applicants. Iranian applicants include: Applicants who are citizens of the Islamic Republic of Iran; and Applicants who are domiciled in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The costs for enhanced diligence is $25,000 for main applicant and $15,000 for spouse and dependents over 16 years of age.

Applicants of other nationalities are subject to the standard due diligence

Background Checks

Dominica CBI vetting process consists of six layers of security checks. The interviews will be additional security check to verify the applicants background.

All applications will be vetted in a thorough due diligence background check in order to verify the information that you have provided in the forms. The CBIU will make a decision on the file based on due diligence report and make a recommendation on your application to the Government accordingly.  The status of the application will be communicated through the authorized agent – if successful (known as “approval in principle”), delayed for further processing, or rejected. Authorised agents are the only people who can handle applications for citizenship by investment, and the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Unit (CBIU) will not accept direct submissions.