The Dominica Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme mandates strict due diligence processes and robust vetting of potential investors. Reputable international due diligence agencies are engaged by Governments to ensure that only reputable individuals can successfully receive the economic citizenship of Dominica.

Due diligence is a sequence of investigative practices that identify and verify information about an investor.  Due diligence is critical to maintaining the integrity and transparency of Dominica’s CBI Programme. Stringent processes include verifying an investor’s identity, criminal background, source of funds, and public reputation amongst other checks.

The correct functioning of Dominica’s CBI Programme depends on the proper performance of thorough due diligence, as it serves to protect the population of Dominica and its international partners from illicit actors.

Dominica is world-renowned for being one of the world’s most affordable, efficient and reliable CBI programmes, with its strict, multi-layered due diligence measures. Dominica also favours a collaborative approach with the other Caribbean CBI jurisdictions, with similar due diligence mechanisms being adopted across the region.

All applicants and their family members (except children) are required to go through the background checks. Dominica’s CBI Programme focuses on the overall description of its candidates, rejecting the applications of individuals that do not comply to the set conditions and criteria. Comprehensive due diligence checks are performed on all applicants older than 16 years of age, and additional safeguards are present to monitor compliance with international sanctions and security.

Furthermore, Dominica’s CBI Unit publishes its economic citizens’ names in the Official Quarterly Gazette and provides a detailed budget of the allocation of CBI funds.

Vetting Process (6 Layers)

  • Authorised agents 
    Authorised agents perform Know-Your-Client (KYC) checks and ensure that applications are only received by the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CBI Unit) if they contain all, complete application forms and supporting documents, accompanied by the required fees. KYC checks include using the WorldCheck database and desktop controls, which allow agents to do an initial background screening.
  • CBI Unit 
    The Dominica CBI Unit is responsible for ensuring that both internal and external checks are performed on each application. Internal due diligence is conducted by the staff of the CBI Unit, made up of experts in document review, anti-money laundering, and counter-terrorism financing. They perform open-source checks on all applicants and ensure that all documents are consistent and adhere to the Unit’s requirements.
  • Expert international firms 
    External due diligence mandated by the CBI Unit, requires independent due diligence firms to conduct online and on-the-ground checks to verify the information provided in the application forms and supporting documents. They then produce a report that is returned to the CBI Unit, establishing the applicant’s identity, familial ties, criminal background, employment history, source of funds, press and media profile and political exposure.
  • Crime prevention and detection agencies 
    The Joint Regional Communications Centre (JRCC), an arm of the CARICOM Agency for Crime and Security, cross-references all applicants against regional watchlist and Interpol databases as part of the external due diligence process.
  • Partner governments 
    External checks are also performed with or by partner governments, including the Governments of Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
  •  The National Bank of Dominica  
    The bank that receives the citizenship by investment funds from the applicant, the National Bank of Dominica, performs additional, independent due diligence checks. It charges its own due diligence fees, requests supporting documents, and only accepts funds of which clean origin can be established.


Applicants are required to bear the costs for the due diligence checks

Main applicant – US$7,500
Per dependant aged 16+ – US$4,000

Enhanced due diligence checks and fees may sometimes be required, depending on the applicant’s current citizenship status and other personal circumstances.


Once due diligence reports are issued to Dominica’s CBI Unit, the relevant Committee determines the decision on whether to grant or deny citizenship to an applicant. Official notification is then delivered to the applicant’s authorised agent.

In the event the report cannot be obtained due to sanctions country (eg. Iran, North Korea), citizenship applications can be refused. Please see more on blacklisted countries