The Golden Visa programs in Europe offer extensive benefits to individuals seeking residency or citizenship in the European Union by making a property investment. As of 2023, a handful of countries offer attractive golden visa investment schemes making European countries more desirable than ever for many wealthy immigrants with irresistible benefits.

We unveil some of the top reasons why people are compelled to apply for a Golden Visa in Europe:

Safe countries

European countries are known for their low crime rate, political stability, strong legal systems, and high quality of life. Moving to Europe will help your Family kickstart new life to live, work, and study in a secure environment. Perhaps make use your money to immerse yourself in a new culture, experience a different way of life, and enjoy the benefits of living in a foreign country renowned for its history, natural beauty, cuisine, and cultural attractions.

The Global Epicenter

Europe is where the world converges, at the cross roads to North America, Africa and Asia and Europe with excellent flight connections to all destinations trimming long travel times. Climate is more favorable to large part of the world population. English is widely spoken everywhere.

Visa Free Movement

Free movement uncurtailed by visa restrictions is a basic human right. Golden visas grant freedom of movement to third country nationals with right to travel freely within the Schengen Area, which includes 26 European countries without the need for additional visas. US citizens and Canadians only can stay for 3 months in 6 month period with visa waiver agreement and subjected to heavy fines for overstays. Establishing a base in any EU country will cut short travel times and help you with free movement within schengen area.

High-Quality Healthcare

European countries have excellent healthcare systems providing top-notch medical services and healthcare opportunities for you and your family. If you are an EU citizen or resident, a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) allows you to receive state-provided healthcare in any of the other EU countries. Nationals from non-EU countries cannot use their EHIC for medical treatment in Denmark, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. In some countries the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is issued together with the national health card.

Work and Business Opportunities

Golden Visa programs offer favorable conditions for starting or expanding a business and equal treatment in a well-developed market, a skilled workforce, and a business-friendly environment, opening doors to new economic prospects. Long-term residents benefit from equal treatment with the country’s nationals in areas such as employment, education, social security, taxation and freedom of movement.

Real Estate Investment

A great opportunity to buy a second home abroad with automatic right to residency visa perk. Golden Visa programs open up property market to foreigners with permanent residency perk. which can offer a stable and potentially profitable investment opportunity. You can buy a permanent home to retire or invest commercially. You can expect higher returns on the property and with tourism at all time high, properties can earn a good revenue as tourist accommodations.

Golden VisaReal Estate Minimum  (EUR)

Tax Advantages

Many Golden Visa programs provide tax incentives or exemptions for investors and entrepreneurs, allowing you to optimize your financial situation and potentially reduce your tax burden. Wealthy families can take advantage of Non habitual tax regime offered by Portugal, Italy and Greece. To protect your wealth, it is best o diversify your assets and expand your international investment portfolio. This can provide greater stability, potential growth, and additional options for managing your wealth.

Education for Children

Europe has world class universities in the World for international students. Golden Visa programs often extend benefits to the immediate family members, to study in Europe access to excellent education systems. This can be particularly advantageous if you have children and wish to provide them with high-quality education opportunities.

Retirement Planning

Europe is an appealing destination for retirees due to its exceptional healthcare, social security systems, and a vibrant cultural scene. A Golden Visa can provide retirees with a pathway to spend their retirement years in a desirable European country. It is also possible to receive pension immigrating to Europe.

EU Citizenship

Acquiring EU citizenship does not come easy. A decade ago it was unthinkable. Golden visa programs offer an excellent pathway to citizenship acquisition after usually five years of habitual residence. An excellent opportunity to diversify your residency or citizenship portfolio, providing you with more options and flexibility for international travel and business. Investing in dual citizenship is an important backup plan, if you plan ahead towards the future.

Powerful EU Passports

European passports are powerful travel documents in the world, highly respected around the world packed with up visa free possibilities to visit United States, Canada, Australia and to 90% of the countries and islands in the world.¬† We did a study few years ago and found that European passports are World’s best travel documents when it comes to global mobility. Holding a passport from a respected country can enhance your international reputation and open doors for valuable networking and business connections.

Family Investment

Investing in your family perhaps the most important investment ever, perhaps assist help your family to establish roots in a European country. Don’t let visa restrictions hinder their growth. Let them explore new life and opportunities abroad. Give them what they need.

Flexible Residency

Golden visa schemes have a unique benefit not restricting you to live permanently in one place. You are only required to visit for few days or weeks depending the GV program. You can enter and exit any time you want moving around.

Permanent resident

Golden visas grant you immediate permanent resident status in the schengen area for investing large sums of money in property, business etc. If you don’t want citizenship, you can keep the residency rights forever.