The Caribbean nation of St.Lucia offers the easiest and fastest citizenship by investment option for Americans. It is also the cheapest and most affordable country to buy a second citizenship remotely.  Applications are processed by government with the turnaround time of 45-60 days at no additional costs, if all the documents in order.  St Lucia offers five different paths to citizenship, the most popular one being one time donation ($100,000) to state fund and the other interesting route is buying state issued bonds for lumpsum US$ 300,000 which refunded by government after 5 years (interest goes to Government). There is also a real estate path which requires $200,000 only allowed to be invested in two approved hotels. Private sale of homes do not qualify for St.Lucia citizenship.

St.Lucia is particularly popular with Americans, who wish to retire in the caribbean and holiday seeks wish to invest in property. With St.Lucia, you can expect total costs for single applicants under donation option is $109,500 which includes all government fees. The agent will charge you a fixed fee to submit your application remotely on behalf of you in St.Lucia.

To apply for St.Lucia, be be ready with documents such as Passport, ID cards, FBI report and original birth certificate. You can start the application process by paying approx $9,500 initial costs ( government application fee) and 50% of the licensed agent fee. You can complete the investment within 6 months after your approval is issued. The CIP unit charges a flat fee to add spouse and children at  later stages to make it convenient for you.

The St Lucian passport is pretty powerful too allows you to use this passport instead of US to travel to 145 countries and territories. There are other Caribbean countries such as St.Kitts, Antigua and Grenada which are more expensive compared to St.Lucia.

If you skip investment path the only other way in many countries is naturalisation path, which requires you to live many number of years, go through bureaucracy with a pile of documents and sweat.