In todays’ chaotic world, a Golden passport presents you an unique opportunity and a ticket to global travel and financial freedom with unlimited opportunities along with umbrella of safety. Golden passports provide you with a second citizenship and permanent home abroad to enjoy peace and serenity to the fullest. A growing number of wealthy individuals prefer a nomadic life, that is not staying put in one place and keep moving for leisure,business or in search of discovering new place and people. Perhaps this is no better time to invest your way into unlimited freedom. The more the passport collection you carry, expands your horizons across the globe. For example if you lose one passport, you could use the other passport to keep moving, rather that being stuck at airport.

A Golden passport is a must in any wealth management investment portfolio, a must as a plan B option to provide safety and security to families during uncertain times. Wealth is prone to high risks. you can lose your wealth and assets any time, if a risk management strategy is not employed. We recommend investment advisors and hedge fund managers to invest 0.1% in an investment scheme that guarantees a golden passport in Europe or Caribbean. Capital investments, a minimum of USD 200,000 in real estate, hotels, state issued bonds, bank deposit are fully refundable investments can get you a golden passport in few months after background checks. Properties can be sold off after five or six years. You are required to have a clean police record in your home country and also where you live. Those with criminal record or wanted persons cannot apply

Benefits of Golden Passport

Here are the unique benefits of a golden passport..

  • Buy a home abroad
  • Low cost of living
  • Open bank account abroad
  • No requirement to live permanently
  • Retire abroad with pension
  • Asset protection offshore
  • Citizenship and passport
  • Freedom of movement (visa free)
  • Best Education for children
  • Hospital and healthcare treatment
  • Tax free benefits
  • Business and corporate setups
  • Driving license

A Golden Passport is a Permanent Asset passed down to Children

A Golden passport in the EU is the most difficult one. You cannot buy your way out buying a property or depositing cash. Only possible through converting a residency to citizenship (R2C). That is you must live certain number of years creating a genuine bond with the country before you are given a golden passport. Malta, Portugal and Greece are well known examples for operating a golden investment schemes. These are World’s highly respectable coveted passports and citizenship for life, passed down to all family generations. You must always remember, Citizenship is a permanent asset, comes along all along with you all your life and even after you die, benefits family. We tell all our clients to invest in their family first before traditional investments.

Where to get Golden passport?

Here are the list of countries that offer Golden passport through investing..Note the time frame involved


Golden PassportInvestment requiredTime frame
Malta750,000 €  (Donation to State)1 year
Portugal280,000 € (Property)5 years
Ireland1,000,000 € (Fund)5 years
Greece250,000 € (Property)7 years
United States900,000 $ (EB-5)5 years
Australia$1,500,000 (Business Innovation)5 years
Spain500,000 € (Property)10 years
Turkey400,000 $ (Property)3 months
North Macedonia250,000$ (State Fund)3 months


St.Kitts and Nevis150,000 $ (Donation) or 200,000$ (Property)3 months
Saint Lucia100,000 $ (State Donation) or 200,000$ (Property)3 months
Antigua & Barbuda100,000 $ (State Donation) or 200,000$ (Property)3 months
Grenada100,000 $ (State Donation) or 200,000$ (Property)3 months
Dominica100,000 $ (State Donation) or 200,000$ (Property)3 months


Vanuatu135,000 $ (State Donation) or 200,000$ (Property)3 months