Golden passports are special passports that are acquired through citizenship by investment (CBI) schemes. Golden passport is another name for passports acquired through citizenship by investment programs (CIP). The CIP legislation allows passports to be issued to investors and their families who are fast tracked for citizenship within months.

Acquiring Multiple passports have become  a new trend in the 21st century

Luxury status symbol

Golden passports have become an ultimate luxury symbol replacing fast cars, yachts, antiquities and expensive jewelry. These shiny new golden passports have become an ultimate status symbol for the rich and elite.

New Asset Class

Golden passports have emerged the new asset class for the 21st century setting a new trend, simply cannot be ignored by wealth management experts in any investment portfolio. A passport cannot be ignored by wealth advisors.

Family Investment

A passport also substitutes life insurance for asset protection for families. Why not invest in a passport as permanent investment in your family future? Citizenship is permanent and can be passed down to all future family generations

Here is some good news

Today there are close to dozen countries that offer ‘Golden’ passports for economic investments such as contribution to the state or real estate purchase. The good news is prices are affordable which starting from $100,000 for family passports instead of spending millions. Investing  in a golden passport offers full citizen rights to all your family members that can be passed down to generations.

Passport Survey

In a Knight Frank survey, about 2/3 of HNW families already invested in passports and the other 1/3 are thinking about holding a second passport in their investment portfolio

Wealth Migration

So what is the difference between golden visas, golden citizenship and golden passports

Golden visa – These are just visas by investment comes with perk of permanent residence status just buying a real estate

Golden citizenship – These are just citizenships obtained through real estate investment or donation to state or buying public debt. Citizenship leads to passport.

Golden passports – Passports acquired through investment. It comes with perk of citizenship, coupled with permanent residence status. Beneficiaries include family members (spouse and children)

All applicants had to go through background checks before passports are issued by governments. Please note passports may be revoked if found to be involved in fraud or illegal activities.