A Plan B passport is a backup passport used for emergency travel situations. It comes into play if you have lost your primary passport or cannot use it. The second passport is your proof of identity for dual citizenship in another country. The more the passports in your collection more the benefit of expanding your global travel footprint without visa restrictions, while enjoying your privacy and freedom to the fullest.

For example, It is very common to hold both US and UK passports for many people, either of which could be used as Plan B passport.  Expanding your passport collection is quite easy, if you have multiple citizenships offshore. There are many ways to easily acquire citizenship if you have ancestry, birth, marriage and lastly by investing. Citizenship has become an important status and privilege demonstrated during pandemic where borders were fully open for citizens, while others were subjected to more covid restrictions.

“Don’t be trapped in one country.”

Uncertainty is all around us. During desperate times of war, economic meltdown, should your family safety is threatened, you could back your bags and leave using your plan b passport. There is a new trend with american billionaires investing in second passports for plan B. In a recent survey, almost one in four UHNWI families are interested to apply for a Plan B passport. Some of these families who dont have the privilege of citizenship through ancestry, would consider gifting their children, a second citizenship abroad to pursue higher education. Remember! A Plan B passport can be the best gift for your family. This is why..Citizenship is a permanent asset, transferred to all generations of family.

A Plan B is a must in everyone’s life as free movement is a basic human right! All country nationals must have a backup plan against uncertainties in life irrespective of their wealth. It provides an insurance should something go wrong in your life. It is absolutely essential for Wealth managers, Family offices and Hedge fund investors invest in a Plan B passport to protect assets against investment loss. The only way to enjoy full benefits of plan B passport is apply well ahead of time, at least a year in advance. 

Dont miss out on Plan B waiting for too long.

Here are some quick benefits of Plan B (Passport)

  • No wasting time waiting for visas. 
  • Enjoy full Citizen benefits in another country 
  • Freedom for mobility and visa free traveling.
  • Protect your wealth and assets. Enjoy your privacy!
  • Buy a second home abroad 
  • Global expansion of your business 
  • Best Education abroad for children.
  • Business travellers who frequent to attend events worldwide.
  • Tax free income 
  • Medical treatment and healthcare abroad.
  • Plan Retirement and receive pension
  • Holiday destination
  • Crypto hodlers who are keen to invest and do conferences.