Citizenship via investment allows a person to acquire citizenship of a country, by making an investment in the country (Saint Lucia). Generally, this investment is referred to as a ‘qualifying investment option.’  This investment ultimately impacts the economic development of the island. Otherwise, Saint Lucia allows a person to acquire citizenship by birth, through naturalization or marriage.

St Lucia has made important changes modernizing its citizenship by investment program for 2022. Please find these changes below.

1. Biometric E-Passport

St Lucia Government will now issue e-Passports to all citizens from July 25, 2022 and relevant legislation has been published in the gazette. The new biometric e-passport will be valid for 5 years.

2. Reduced Processing times

CIP Saint Lucia understand the concerns of the investment migration industry and, the Citizenship by Investment Board and Unit have swiftly actioned out on internal controllable measures to facilitate the processing of citizenship applications within a reduced timeline.  The Average Processing times for CIP applications cut down by 50% with the help of streamlined application process moves efficiently from review and vetting of the application to Board review and the grant of citizenship to the further issuance of a Certificate of Registration (Citizenship Certificate).

3. Investing in Bonds

St Lucia will continue to issue Government bonds for citizenship until Dec 2022. It is a fully refundable investment.  The Covid government bonds will continue to be available for CBI investment until the end of 2022.  The government will issue covid bonds for US$250,000 at 50% discount for CIP. After the lockout period of 6 years, the whole sum is refunded by government while citizenship remains permanent.

Investment routes to citizenship

1. Donation to Govt fund – USD 100,000 (non-refundable)
2. Real Estate – USD 300,000 (share in a resort)
3. Government issued bonds – USD 250,000 (fully refunded back in 5 years)

4. Suspension of Applications

St Lucia has implemented suspension of applications from nationals of the Iran, Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus remains in effect. Nationals who live in Ukraine also cannot apply because of difficulty in doing background checks.

“Like a precious family heirloom, freedom is not just ours to enjoy, but to treasure, protect, and pass on to future generations”
– Os Guinness

5. Family Dependents

A citizen (granted via the CIP) may add on a qualifying dependent for the grant of citizenship by making an investment into the National Economic Fund.
1. WITHOUT LIMITATIONS: A citizen may add on an individual (child or spouse) for the grant of citizenship providing that the individual was not a dependent at the time of making the application for citizenship.
2. WITH LIMITATIONS: A citizen has up to 5 years to add on an individual who was an already existing dependent at the time the citizen processed his/her application for citizenship.

CIP Unit St Lucia

CIP Saint Lucia as a statutory body of the government of Saint Lucia has been established to oversee, administer, process and issue applications for citizenship via investment.The Citizenship Unit in Saint Lucia has recently re-positioned the program ‘beyond the passport’ to Make Saint Lucia Home and Become a Global Citizen.

CIP Saint Lucia continues to be a catalyst for strategic economic diversification and growth – committed to core values of transparency, good governance, and thorough due diligence. The Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Programme recently launched a campaign themed; Beyond the Passport.

The Government and people of Saint Lucia have actioned a call to all global citizens. Citizens who have been granted through the citizenship by investment programme (CIP) to visit, vacation, invest, build and grow with the island and creating opportunities for all citizens beyond the benefits of the passport and visa free perk.

St Lucia has been ranked No.1 CIP for 2021 in the Best Citizenships rankings.