We are updating our clients on the important deadlines on Golden visas and Citizenship by investment programs. Please make use of this Covid time opportunity so that you dont miss out on these last dates.

Here are the important deadlines you should know

1. St Kitts and Nevis

St Kitts and Nevis Government offers a Covid discount for family of 4 for USD 150,000 (instead of USD 195,000) to SGF donation fund. The Last date for this offer is extended in until Dec 31, 2021

2. St Lucia

Covid Discount

Saint Lucia offers 50% CIP discount for purchase of Covid relief govt bonds for USD 250,000. The Last date for this offer is Dec 31, 2022. After this date it is possible to buy only USD 500,000 bonds for the purpose of St Lucia citizenship.

Client Screening Fee

St Lucia will be introducing mandatory  “client screening fee” – USD 1000, paid to banks for probity checks effective from Dec 1, 2021.  Applicants from certain blacklisted countries will not be able to apply by remitting funds. This means the cost of CIP will will increase for each application..

Saint Lucia remains the cheapest CBI program single applicants without family members. The scheme is extremely popular with UK and US nationals.

3. Malta Golden visa

The New Permanent Residency program (MPRP)  will launch on March 29, 2021. The previous Malta Residency Visa (MRVP) scheme that offers financing governments will be closed from this date.

MPRP will be cheaper and not require any investment, just you have to pay a flat government fee and administration fee to government. You also have to prove 500K euro of net assets to become eligible. It will also replace the current Residency Visa program.

4. Montenegro

The Special citizenship program will accept last applications until Dec 31, 2022  according to the Laws governing Montenegrin investor citizenship program. The deadline has been extended for 2022. After this date the CIP will be permanently closed

5. Portugal

Portugal may be implementing new GV rules in Jan 1, 2022 exempting golden visa visa investments in Lisbon, Porto, Algarve and coastal areas. The entire GV scheme will be shifted to inner regions of Portugal away from major cities and coastal areas.

  • Investing in residential properties won’t be possible in Lisbon, Porto, Algarve after this date.
  • Bank deposits, investment funds, government bonds will increase to 1.5 million euros from this date.
  • No change in minimum investment in inner regions in Portugal
  • No change in minimum investment for commercial investments

We keep you updated here on any other available last minute deadlines here.

6. Bulgaria

Bulgaria has removed investing in government bonds for citizenship by investment program. The Amendments to the Bulgarian Citizenship Act was approved on 16th of February 2021 and now published in the gazette.

7. Antigua

Due to Covid-19, Antigua has extended suspension of 5 day visit requirements to renew the antiguan passport under CBI until Aug 31, 2022

8. Dominica

All Dominican nationals including CBI citizens are required to replace to new biometric passports from machine readable ones before July 2023.

9. Canada

The Quebec immigrant investor program is suspended until April 1, 2023 to modernize the program. After this date the application window may open.

10. Vanuatu

Vanuatu launched citizenship by real estate investment program as third option from Aug 2021. It is now possible to invest in real estate to become a citizen (only govt approved ones)