Portugal golden visa program offers an exciting opportunity to invest in new construction of four and five star hotels (marriott, hilton etc).  The good news is you can purchase atleast €280,000 buy back share in hotel projects from developers. This is the minimum golden visa requirement for residential or commercial properties in low density rural areas in Portugal.

Note the golden visa program (for real estate only) is ending by Sep 2023. Last and pending applications will be accepted according to new government announcement.

The minimum investment required to invest in hotels are

Hotel Buyback shares

Investing in hotel buyback shares are usually bought back by developer after 5-6 years

  • €280,000 euro in Low density areas (eg. Evora hotel, Holiday Inn)
  • €350,000 euro in Urban areas (Porto, Algarve etc) in Hilton,, Marriott or other brands

The benefits of investing in hotels are:

  • Full Buyback with full return of investment with yield
  • Fully recoverable GV investment.
  • Commercial investment in tourism sector
  • No maintenance required taken care by developer
  • High profit margins of yield
  • Creates jobs and contributes to economy
  • Spend your holidays in the hotel you have invested
  • Return Yields are high compared to residential properties.

How to invest in hotels?

Here is how it works for a single investor:

  • First you invest 280K in buyback hotel share in a hotel project in Portugal.
  • The Developer will buy back the shares after 5-6 years, the entire 280K investment (guaranteed). You pay only residual costs such taxes, golden visa costs, totals around 20K euro. Some developers even cover property taxes.
  • Investment yield  – 3% to 10% depending on the hotel project.

These hotel properties are selling out fast as new rules increasing the threshold for GV investment starts effective from Jan 2022.

Residual costs

For the 280K property investment please see below the additional costs paid to authorities.

  • Stamp duty – 0.8% of the property investment (€ 1,120)
  • IMT Municipal fee – € 9,100  (6.5% of the property investment One-off cost, payable at signing of sale and purchase deed)
  • Taxes, legal costs, notary – €3,000
  • SEF Golden visa fee – €5,336.40 for each family member
  • SEF Residence permit application – € 533.90 for applicant, € 83.10 for dependants

So all in all you get to pay around €300K euros in total for the entire hotel project plus golden visa for a single investor. This is for the first year.  The running costs such as renewal of permits will be additional.

Total Net costs

Considering your 280K buy back share will mature after 6 years and investment refunded by developer, your net costs for portugal golden visa is only around 20,000€

If the investment performs well, the profit would cover all expenses you have paid and it can even lead to profits on your investment.

It is important to note that due to Covid, the yields with hotels are poor, but at the same time it has become cheaper to invest in hotels, due to falling commercial prices. It gives you a window of opportunity to invest in the luxury hospitality sector. Portugal has largely resisted real estate decide due to Covid and lockdowns, property prices are stable and in growing trend.

List of Hotels

Here are full list of very good hotels where you can invest.

Almost all the hotels below are SOLD OUT. Only a few developments with less than 10 slots remain for last minute investors before closure of the PGV program. Please contact us for the update.

1. Rossio Palace (Available)

Rossio Palace is a historical palace in a prime urban property in Portugal, being converted into a Nordic designed Deluxe Hotel with 50 apartments (3500 m2 built area). Rossio Palace is located at the center of a historical village — dating from the Templars (Póvoa e Meadas) — and surrounded by the vast Natural Park of São Mamede, considered park with most biodiversity in Portugal. The hotel is 2h away from Lisbon and close to the border with Spain

  • Reduced Golden Visa investment of €280,000 – Co-ownership in Historical Palace being converted into Deluxe Hotel
  • Construction starting at the end of 2023Q1
  • Yield of 4-6% and exit in seven years
  • Fast track GV application in <1 month

2.Hilton Garden Inn (Evora Hotel)

Évora Hotel will operate under the Hilton Garden Inn brand with 140 bedrooms and which is the perfect concept to give the Hotel a vibrant, modern and sophisticated atmosphere. The construction starts Q2 2022.

Évora is a town in Portugal’s Alentejo region, southeast of Lisbon at 135 kilometers, known for its Roman ruins, university, and beautiful buildings dating from the 16th to the 18th centuries. Alentejo has also the largest area of olive oil production in Portugal.

Minimum investment: 280k euro

Total investment: 21M
Investors: 75
IMT tax: 9,100€

3. Marriott Lagos Beach & Sports Hotel

Marriott Lagos Beach & Sports Hotel is a luxury 5 star hotel located at the west boundary of the city of Lagos, Porto de Mós beach offers a privileged location for those seeking tranquillity while being close to everything. (the location is exceptional!)

Start of construction: December 2021
Completion of construction: Summer 2023

Minimum: 280K investment amount plus VAT on the rehabilitation amount (€16.1K)

Project Investment: 98M €
350 Investors
13.650€ IMT – Paid by developer
VAT on the rehabilitation €16.1K – Paid by developer
IMI exemption during construction period
7 days free stay per year


Renaissance Hotel by Marriott

Lapa Hotel is located in one of the most historical neighborhoods of Porto, right in the gateway to downtown. Dominating the landscape, on the top of a hill, the Hotel offers a breath taking view over the city skyline. Most visitors come to this area to visit Lapa Church, and its iconic religious architecture. Lapa Hotel is near to all these and other attractions Porto has to offer: fine restaurants, exclusive shops, historical buildings and a vibrant night life. A stay to remember in a monumental city.

Minimum: 350k euro
Guaranteed buyback after 6 years
Guaranteed Return: 3% after first year
IMT and Taxes: 16k euro (approx)

4. Royal Sao Paulo Hotel

Royal Sao Paulo is a luxury resort located in Vila Vicosa, Alentejo, 20 minutes from Evora, known to many as the Tuscany of Portugal. The resort will take the form of a luxury hotel with 70 suites and 4 villas and form part of an iconic old monastery. This investment project is being transformed into a Luxury Resort and Spa.

Start of construction: November 2021
Completion of construction: Q2 2023

Minimum: 280k euro
Total investment: 21M euro
Investors: 75

IMT and IMI exempted
7 days free stay per year at the hotel
Title deed and 100% return of funds

Property Yield: 3.25% for first 3 years of operation, 4% starting from 4th year
Guaranteed Buyback after 6 years

1st phase of the project is sold out, 2nd phase will be opened for investors in 2 weeks.

5. Express Porto Hotel Holiday Inn

Completion of construction: Express construction is expected to begin in September 2021 and the start of operations is scheduled for the 1st half of 2023.

Guaranteed buyback after 6 years.

Minimum: 350K euro investment
Property Yield: 3%

Total investment: 21M
Investors: 60
ROI: 3%

IMT paid by developer (16,350 euro)
6% VAT covered by developer (8000 euro approx)

7 days free stay per year at any of the hotels of the developer.

6. Holiday Inn Express Evora

The Express Holiday Inn Evora Hotel project is part of the rehabilitation of Properties of the city of Porto, giving a new life to the history and culture that surrounds it. Construction starts Q1 2023

Minimum Investment: 280k euro
Total investment: 16.8M
Investors: 60

7. Fontinha Hotel

Fontinha is a latest hotel project in the historic center of Porto. It is a project of rehabilitation of an old building into a 4-star hotel with 6 floors, 50 rooms, amenities such as a restaurant and bar, and a courtyard with a fountain and garden. It is located at the corner of Fontinha and Santa Catarina street.

Minimum: 350k euro
Construction: complete

Total investment: 14M
Investors: 40

8. Moxy Lisboa Park

A Marriott branded hotel in Alfragide, a parish in Amadora Municipality served by one of the major shopping areas of Lisbon. The excellent road accesses and a complete network of public transport, in addition to the proximity to the centre of the Portuguese capital, have made this area a business center par excellence, with its numerous modern infrastructures.

Minimum investment: 350K euro

Total rooms: 225
Investors: 180
Total: 63 million euro

Guaranteed return: 3%
Guaranteed Buy Back: in 6 years ·

7 Days Free Stay per year

Pick your investment wisely! It is upto you to decide buying investing in a hotel or residential properties. Both are accepted for golden visa program.

EU Citizenship

You can apply for Portuguese nationality after six years of time with your family. It is also easier to get citizenship for children. We have several hotel and residential projects available in Portugal for investment starting from 280K euros. Please contact us for more information.