The Irish Golden visa  remains the the most attractive residency program for many HNWI families in the World. The Irish Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP) is a residency by investment scheme opened in 2012 available to any non-EEA nationals who meet all the requirements including good character and no criminal record.

The Irish IIP equally competes with three world’s most popular immigrant investor schemes: Canada Quebec (C$1.2m), UK tier1 investor (£2m) and US EB-5 ($900,000)

Ireland offers three pathways to become a resident through Irish Golden Visa (IGV)

  • Charity Donation: Endowment of 400K euro must towards non-profit organisations in Ireland (non-refundable)
  • Investment Fund / REITs: A minimum of 1m euro invested in these projects (eg. IDLF fund). These are refundable investments after 5 years with returns.
  • Mixed: Potential investors is to invest in property. This can be a minimum investment of €450,000 in a residential property, as well as €500,000 Euro investment into the immigrant investor bonds.

Here are some solid reasons why you should invest in Ireland. This what makes Ireland so special for GV investors.

1. Access to EU and UK

Irish citizens are the ONLY nationality in the world, with the right to live and work in both the European Union and the United Kingdom.  Irish Citizens who come to reside in the UK are considered to be ‘settled’, and therefore there are no requirements to obtain a work or residence permit.

The Common Travel Area (CTA) is a long-standing arrangement between the UK, the Crown Dependencies (Bailiwick of Jersey, Bailiwick of Guernsey and the Isle of Man) and Ireland that pre-dates both British and Irish membership of the EU and is not dependent on it.

Under the CTA, British and Irish citizens can move freely and reside in either jurisdiction and enjoy associated rights and privileges, including the right to work, study and vote in certain elections, as well as to access social welfare benefits and health services (eg. NHS).

2. Best European Golden Visa

Ireland ranks No.2 Golden visa program only behind Portugal, in the Best Golden Visa rankings study for 2021

3. Permanent Residency

The Irish GV scheme grants instant permanent residency status known as Stamp 4, from day one valid for 5 years.

4. Highest Living Standards

Ireland’s education, healthcare, and lifestyle quality rank among the best in Europe.  Ireland ranks above the UK and US on the UN’s standard of living.  The Irish people are known for their friendliness and hospitality. The IGV scheme offers 50,000 euro waiver for investors family education.

5. Peaceful nation

Ireland is one of the peaceful countries in the World with stable political climate. Ranked 8th in the Global peace index for 2021.

6. Tax Haven

Ireland has been long considered a corporate tax haven in Europe. Ireland no tax on worldwide income for nonresidents. Home to multinational companies, attractive for business setups, corporate tax rate is as low as 12.5%.

7. Powerful EU passport

The Irish passport is one of the powerful EU passports in the World with visa-free or visa on arrival access to 188 countries and territories, ranking the Irish passport 6th in terms of travel freedom according to Henley.

8. English speaking

Ireland only few countries in the EU with official language english. A perfect EU country of choice without any language barriers.

9. One day Residence

The Irish Golden Visa (IGV) has just 1 day residence requirement for investors. No requirement to spend considerable amount of time in Ireland.

10. Geographic Proximity to US/Canada

Ireland is close proximity to Canada, US, Latin America and also connects Middle East. This makes it attractive for invest and live. New York City is just 5 hours away. Daily flights to the US from numerous airports around Ireland. Ireland is super attractive for Americans and Canadians to invest, live and do business.

11. Top Universities

Education is the most important deciding factor for many HNWI families. Ireland boasts world class education system and best universities in the world. There are 34 Higher Education Institutions offer an extensive range of over 5,000 programmes leading to internationally recognised degrees for students. Free access to Irish public school system and local university fee after 3 years residence.

12. Irish Citizenship

The IGV scheme offers full path to citizenship and passport after five years without compulsory living in Ireland. This is when the stamp 4 is converted to citizenship.

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