We have compiled application costs charged by Government for golden visa programs by country. This is only the application fee charged by government, does not include main investment, or any other additional costs.

This way you can compare the application fee in one place and you will know how much you pay to the Govt.

Here is a quick summary

  • Malta has the most expensive golden visa fee.
  • Spain is the cheapest in terms of application costs,
  • Italy processes applications free of charge.
  • Canada is the most expensive application costs for Quebec immigrant investor program.
  • Latvia also charges quite high state fee for golden visa.
Golden visa (Investment)Government Application fee
Portugal (280K euro)€ 5,324.60
Greece (250K euro)€2,000
Spain (500K euro)€150
Cyprus (300K euro)€500
Ireland (400K euro)€1,500
United Kingdom (2M pound)£1,623
United States ($900K)$3,675 (I-526 filing) for EB-5
Canada QIIP ($1.2M)$15,496
Italy (250K euro)Free (Nulla osta)
Netherlands (1.2M euro) €2,137
Malta (100K euro)€68,000 to €98,000 Malta Permanent Residency scheme
Latvia (250K euro)€38,000 (Govt bonds) / €10,000 (business) / €12,500 (real estate)
Australia ($1m)$5,375 (investor) / $7,880 (SIV) / $9,455 (Premium)
New Zealand ($1m)$4,960.00 (Investor)
SingaporeS$ 10,000 (GIP)