Portugal and Greece operate the two most popular golden visa programs in Europe. Acquiring EU citizenship investing in golden visa program is an important requirement for many investors who spend a huge sum of money hoping citizenship would be beneficial for family and children into the future.

What do you know about the conditions for citizenship in these countries? We will give you good insights into the documentation required for filling the citizenship application in Portugal and Greece. Here are some of the important differences you should know when it comes to citizenship.

As you can see in the table,

  • A2 Language test is required by Portugal but not for Greece.
  • Citizenship citizenship and civic exam is required for Greece not for Portugal.
  • Prior residence is longer for Greece than Portugal.
  • No proof of social integration required in both countries.
Citizenship ApplicationPortugalGreece
ID/Travel document
Birth certificate
Proof of legal residence
Criminal recordx
Language skills certificatex
Proof of sufficient subsistencex
Proof of social integrationxx
Citizenship test/ civic knowledge examx
Release from former citizenshipxx
Citizenship application fee€ 250€ 550
Minimum continuous residence5 years3, 7 or 12 years
Prior residence status accepted5 years (PRP/TRP)7 years (TRP/PRP)

TRP – Temporary residence permit
PRP – PErmanent residence permit

Source: EMN Study Report