Dominica and St Lucia has become most affordable citizenship by investment programs for one person (single investors) in 2021. These programs are not only become highly competitive but also have become very cheaper for those who seek second passports.

Both countries have introduced significant changes to their CIP legislation to attract families and dependants.

Though both CBI programs have the same USD 100,000 contribution requirements, but what makes the two program differ?

St Lucia is slightly cheaper for single persons and the processing times are much faster. Another important difference to spot is St Lucia is cheaper by $25,000 for a family of four than Dominica. Dominica does not have Covid govt bonds options (exclusive limited offer with St Lucia).

Both countries exempt any personal visit or residency requirement. Both these programs have grabbed top spots in CBI Rankings for 2021.

Important differences

We have put together important differences between the Dominica and St Lucia CBI programs below..

DominicaSt Lucia

Sole applicant:  US$100,000

Applicant with spouse:  US$150,000

Family of four:  US$175,000

Sole applicant:  US$100,000

Applicant with spouse:  US$140,000

Family of four:  US$150,000

Average Processing times90 days56 days
CBI Rankings#2#1
Passport validity10 years5 years
Visa free countries140145
Real Estate MinimumUSD 200,000USD 300,000
Covid Govt bondsNot availableUSD 250,000 (refundable)
Voting rightsNoYes
Govt application processing feeUSD 1000USD 2,000 for main applicant and USD 1000 each dependant
Due diligenceUSD 7500 main applicant and USD 4000 for dependants above 16USD 7500 main applicant and USD 5000 for dependants above 16
Post citizenship additionsYesYes
Family friendlyYesYes

Visa free travel

There are also important difference between the two passports with visa free benefit based on visa waiver agreements. For example both passports will give you visa free travel to United Kingdom, EU schengen countries etc. You will need a visa to visit Canada, US and other countries.

DominicaSt Lucia
Russia YesNo
South AfricaNoNo
South KoreaYesNo