Covid has accelerated the demand for CBI online platforms.  CBI online platforms have soared in popularity in recent years. Best citizenships is the first online platform launched in 2011 for citizenship by investment and golden visa programs.

CBI programs only started to gain popularity around 2010, at that time only St Kitts and Dominica were around. These programs were not popular since EU visa waivers was not available to Caribbean. Since then we have come a long way, almost a decade of assisting clients.

It was only during Covid, online platforms for citizenship and residency rose to mainstream popularity. Covid pandemic is a game changer and has accelerated innovations in digital technologies. Digital innovations such as Uber, Bitcoin and Airbnb completely have changed the world.

We don’t live in 2000, we live in 2020.  Things change, Technologies change. Gone all the days applying through agents and immigration consultants. We have started a digital revolution. A decade ago you would approach immigration agents seeking to apply for immigration programs abroad. Today online platforms eliminate agents and middle men, connecting you directly to lawyers abroad, who will assist you directly for all visa, property and citizenship matters.

What is an Online Platform?

Here are the basics of what you should know about online platforms.

  1. Works like Airbnb (app or website)
  2. Online platform is free. We do not charge any fee to clients.
  3. We do not provide immigration, property or investment advice. We leave these to the partners who are licensed lawyers or property developers we work with.
  4. We make it cheaper in terms of price and faster in terms of paperwork and documents.We work directly with government authorized lawyers and agents. We do not work with chain of agents or brokers or middle men.

What makes Online platforms tick?

Free – Best citizenships is a free online platform. We dont take a single penny from you.

Cheaper –  Our platform directly connects clients to authorized lawyers and property developers (no brokers or intermediaries). The more the brokers are involved, it gets expensive for you. Without middlemen, you get the cheapest deals possible.

Faster process – You will directly deal with lawyers with paperwork and advice. You dont have apply through agent and they pass on the files to lawyer. All the paperwork and filing process you deal directly with the lawyers.

Comparison – You can compare all the programs and prices in one place under one roof.

Transparency – We work in full transparency with clients and partners.

Prices – Full disclosure of prices and other costs. No hidden fees or costs. You can negotiate all fees with the lawyers. We make it very flexible for you and will not interfere.

Trusted partners – We work with trusted experts (lawyers and real estate developers) authorized by the government. We know them from years of experience and this way you dont need to worry about anything.

No Immigration advice:  As an online platform we do not provide immigration advice in citizenship, residency and visa matters. Immigration advice should not be given by unqualified persons or agents, it is illegal in many countries. Only qualified lawyers or law firms must provide immigration advice.

No signups – We dont require you to logins and registrations (We hate it)

Client Privacy – We respect confidentiality and privacy of clients. We protect all sensitive information  We dont trouble you with annoying sales or marketing phone calls doing aggressive promotions. We leave it to you. You can come back to us anytime.

Free resources – We provide you tonnes of free tools such as price calculator, resources and downloadable pdf to enhance your knowledge (do it yourself).

Do it Yourself – We expect clients to come to us once you finally decide the country and program. We cannot decide it for you. Pick one program and come to us. Please dont come to us asking for price quotes several programs at once. This strains relationship with our partners and we dont want to waste our time and energy with one single client. Please do your proper research, homework and decide on a country to apply. We cannot explain these things in phone or whatsapp. All the information is available in our website.

Full disclosure: We are compensated by our partners for referring clients through our platform. The Best citizenships platform will remain free for all clients

Save Taxes – By using online platform you save taxes such as VAT charged by agencies. You will be invoiced directly by our lawyers where you apply, this way you save money.