We have developed a CBI calculator that will compute the most accurate prices for comparing  the prices of Citizenship by investment (CBI/CIP) schemes in ONE place. It will give you easy comparison of prices for families and single persons and you will know which program is cheaper.

As technology is improving every day, we made this online calculator, so that clients dont need to contact several agents and shop around for cheapest prices available with different service providers.

This saves a lot of time for Agents and Clients with providing the necessary advise. Some clients who come to us are not sure often confused in picking the country for passport.

We ask clients to spend a lot of time in careful studying all information about the passport schemes before they come to us. We also want the clients to know the basic information about the country and also know where it exists on the map

What many clients dont know

  • Most Agents charge a fee $15,000 to $20,000 or more depending on how many family members are involved to provide the best professional services. They cannot provide quality advise and service less than this price.
  • You can start application process with $10,000 initial deposit and ONLY after your application is approved. That is you pay $100,000 only after Government approves your application. You dont need to pay before that

The calculator will help clients better understand with the pricing model involved with citizenship by investment schemes. When a client requests a quote from agents, they wont be surprised with prices end up higher than expected.

How Calculator Works?

The Calculator will give you estimates which includes all the prices such as

  • Amount for Donation (or) Real estate
  • Government fee
  • Due diligence fee
  • Application processing fee
  • Additional fee for spouse, and children

The CBI calculator will show you separate prices for donation, real estate, government bonds etc..

How to use?

It is simple to use, all you have to do is key in the number of persons applying for passports.

Dont forget! You have to enter the ages of children separated by commas (eg. 12,13 etc). Without this data the calculator will not work properly.

The Calculator does not provide pricing of suspended citizenship by investment schemes such as Moldova.

The CBI calculator is available here