We have compiled full list of countries that have no E-2 treaty agreement with United States. As a result nationals of these countries cannot apply for E-2 non-immigrant visas to enter United States.

Below are full list of countries that do not have E-2 investor visa treaties.

Afghanistan Greece Mozambique
Algeria Guatemala Myanmar
Andorra Guinea Namibia
Angola Guinea-Bissau Nauru
Antigua & Barbuda Guyana Nepal
Bahamas Haiti Nicaragua
Barbados Hong Kong SAR Niger
Belarus Hungary Nigeria
Belize Iceland Palestine
Benin India Palau
Bhutan Indonesia Papua New Guinea
Botswana Iran* Peru
Brazil Iraq Portugal
Brunei Ivory Coast Qatar
Burkina Faso Kazakhstan Russian Federation
Burundi Kenya Rwanda
Cambodia Kiribati St Kitts & Nevis
Cape Verde North Korea* Saint Lucia
Central African Rep Kuwait Saint Vincent & the Grenadines
Chad Laos Samoa
China Lebanon San Marino
Comoros Lesotho Sao Tome & Principe
Croatia Libya Saudi Arabia
Cuba Liechtenstein Seychelles
Cyprus Madagascar Sierra Leone
Djibouti Malawi Solomon Islands
Dominica Malaysia Somalia
Dominican Republic Maldives South Africa
El Salvador Mali South Sudan
Equatorial Guinea Macau SAR Sudan
Eritrea Malta Suriname
Eswatini Marshall Islands Syria*
Fiji Mauritania Tajikistan
Gabon Mauritius Tanzania
Gambia Micronesia Timor-Leste (East Timor)
Ghana Monaco Tonga

Note: The full list of treaty countries is available at State department website (change from time to time). Kindly note that the US govt list only publishes treaty countries. It does not publish countries that do not have treaties.

* Cannot apply due to Trump travel ban on non immigrant visas

What is E-2 visa?

E-2 visa is a non-immigrant investment visa issued by United States. In recent years, E-2 visas became more popular than EB-5, because this visa is cheaper, faster and only low investment required ($100,000 minimum but atleast $200,000 recommended ). You must also create 5 jobs without which it is impossible to create jobs.

What are E-2 visa benefits from EB-5?

As of 2020, EB-5 requires $900,000 investment and creation of 10 jobs. Many consider EB5 way too expensive and significant waiting times (years). There is a huge difference between these two programs.

How to use Citizenship by investment?

If you come from any of these non-E2 countries above the only way you will be eligible for E-2 visa is to use Citizenship by investment programs. Once you become a CBI citizen, you can file for E-2 visa at any US consulate, where you are resident or citizen of. E-2 visas are issued for maximum of 2 years with extensions.

Which CBI countries provide E-2 visa opportunity?

Only 6 citizenship by investment programs will offer you E-2 visa option.

Which is the cheapest CBI + E2 visa route?

Of all these Grenada is the cheapest route.  You are looking at total costs about $275,000 for Grenada passport ($175K) and E-2 visa investment ($100K). There are also US attorney costs.

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