The Dominica Citizenship By Investment remains the world’s most popular CBI programs breaking all records in terms of number of applications and revenues received. Foreign investors continue to choose the island’s CBI programme for its longevity, efficiency, and integrity.

The CBI program during the fiscal period 2017-2020, a total of 5,814 applications were approved for investments. This number is close to 2000 applications received every year. According to a report released in 2019, the total number of approved applications has grown each year from 185 in 2013 to 2,059 in 2018, an increase of over 1,000%. The real estate investment route has proved increasingly popular since its introduction in 2014.

Dominica’s CBI scheme has earned Dominica more than $1.2 billion over three years. Much of these earnings spent on hospitals, housing, public infrastructure projects such as building schools, airports and hurricane recovery effects. CBI continues to be the economic lifeblood of Dominica.

Why Dominica is very popular?

The benefits from acquiring citizenship in Dominica are huge. The popularity of the CBI program is attributed to the following

  • Oldest and award winning CBI program already popular for decades.
  • Affordable citizenship by investment opportunity
  • Easy application procedure
  • International travel mobility
  • Citizenship passed to future generations
  • Second citizenship for family (with dual citizenship)
  • Education for children abroad
  • Tax free country (no income, wealth or inheritance taxes)
  • No requirement to visit Dominica.
  • Embassy/consulate support for citizens abroad.
  • Explore Business opportunities abroad

Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Programme was established in 1993 and allows individuals to gain Dominican citizenship in exchange for an economic contribution or real estate investment to the island. CBI is one of the oldest in existence and has been internationally recognized by experts, and received several awards and accolades worldwide for enabling carefully vetted global individuals and their immediate relatives to acquire second citizenship.

In 2020, the Dominica Govt has announced a number of changes which paved the way for the program to become even more popular

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