Post citizenship additions have lately become very popular with foreign investors applying for citizenship by investment programs. This way the main applicant first obtains citizenship first, giving enough time for other family members (spouse and new born children)  to apply at a later stage.

This way you don’t get to spend too much money upfront for the purpose of citizenship. For example you can add your new born child anytime for citizenship at a later stage by paying just $500

On 29th July, Dominica has made a number of amendments to CBI program to the family members under Dominica Citizenship By Investment Regulations 2020. They went as far as changing definition of dependents to make the CBI a family friendly program. They also slashed prices for family of 4 applying for CBIP

The New pricing announced by Dominica CBIU for post citizenship addition of spouse, mother and new born child is below


Less than 1 year:

  • $75,000 (Govt fee) + $1000 (processing fee) + $4000 (DD fee)
  • Total: $80,000

After 1 year:

  • $75,000  (Govt fee) + $1000 (processing fee) + $7500 (main applicant) + $4000 (spouse)
  • Total: $87,500

As you can see, if you apply within a year, $7500 savings

New born child

Total costs: $500

Father / Mother

Less than 1 year

  • Govt fee: $50,000
  • $5000 (processing + due diligence) within 1 year of initial citizenship application
  • Total: $55,000

After 1 year

  • $50,000 (1 year or less from cutoff date 29 July 2020)
  • $75,000 (more than one year from cutoff  29 July date 75,000)
  • $12,500 (processing + due diligence after 1 year of citizenship application

Total: $62,500 ( within one year from cut off date 29 july 2020)
Total: $87,500 (after one year of cut off date 29 july 2020)

Note: In addition to above fee, Certificate of Naturalisation ($250) Fees, Passport Fees ($1200) and Professional Fees may also apply per person.

Please refer to the official website for more information.on the new pricing.