The Commonwwealth of Dominica offers a number of routes to acquire citizenship, not just through investments. Many only offer you or talk about CBI but there are more cheaper ways, if you know how to do. It is quite understandable, not everybody has $100K to invest in Dominica.

The cheapest routes are also longest routes to become a citizen of Dominica. These routes will cost you less than $2000 to get citizenship and passport.

1. Birth 

Automatically conferred to any individual who is born in the Commonwealth of Dominica on the basis of jus soli, also known as “right of the soil”, irrespective of the nationality of his/her parents.

2. Descent

A child must be born to a parent who was born in Dominica or naturalised as a citizen of Dominica. A child who is born outside of Dominica to a parent who is a Dominican citizen can be registered as a citizen of Dominica. Find out whether you have any ancestry.

3. Residency (naturalisation) – 7 years

In order get citizenship under this route, you have to first live legally as a  resident in Dominica under work permit or residence permit for 7 years. Remember permanent residency is issued after 5 years of living.

This period is quite long one of the reasons why CBI is very popular.

4. Marriage – 3 years

If you marry a Dominica, then you must live in Dominica for alteast 3 years to become a citizen.

Foreigners who are married to a Dominican are eligible to apply for Dominica passport, after residing in the country for at least three years. These persons though, must remain married within this time period, and be law abiding residents with a valid residence and work permit.

Dominica issues special marriage license for US$185.

5. Citizenship by Investment (CBI) – 3 months 

This is the most expensive but also a direct path to Dominica citizenship/passport. This is the only way to get Dominica citizenship without visiting or living in the country. All other cheaper options require you to move and permanently live in the caribbean island of Dominica. You should expect around US$125K incl all fee for a single person. Please use our CBI calculator

Citizenship filing costs

For options 1 to 4, the costs for naturalisation apply, which is shown below.

  • Naturalisation Application filing fee: US$92 (EC$ 250)
  • Citizenship approval – US$ 740 (EC$ 2000)
  • Passport fee: EC$ 150 (adults) and EC$ 75 (child)

A example scenario

The average monthly salary in Dominica is US$500 and let us assume you spend this minimum living expense per month living in Dominica. If you decide to live in Dominica for 7 years it will cost you atleast $42,000 plus travel expenses at the least.

  • Naturalisation – $42K (for 7 years multiplied by $500)
  • Marriage – $8K (for 3 years)
  • CBI – $125K

Thus, Marriage is the cheapest route to dominica citizenship and passport.

As you can see, each route has its pro’s and con’s. At the end of the day, it is your choice.