In recent years, Cyprus has emerged as a magnet for millionaires bringing wealth to its shores. As of 2020, Cyprus the new destination for millionaires who bring wealth, talent, skills and investments to Cyprus..

Beautiful clean beaches, stunning coastline,  warm weather with 300 days of sunshine, EU membership status, powerful highly respected EU passport offering visa free access to 174 countries, the citizenship by investment program, low corporate taxes have been the major pull factors attracting millionaires to the shores of Cyprus.

So far a total of €7 billion euros has been invested in the citizenship by investment scheme mostly in real estate sector.

Wealthy families can Invest 2m in real estate and become a EU citizen in six months through the investment scheme in Cyprus. Invest in EU citizenship for your family.

Dont forget! A second passport cannot be ignored by wealth advisors in wealth management. Become a world citizen!

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