Investing in a passport is better than fast sports cars, gold and jewelry, antique collection and luxury yachts.

We think family comes first when it comes to investing. Why not Invest in EU citizenship for your family? This is because Citizenship is permanent passed down to family generations.

A second passport can be the best gift to someone you love! EU countries have the best and powerful passports in the world, worth investing for EU citizenship.

Invest in your family! Think Citizenship by Investment

Benefits of investing in a passport

  • Enjoy visa free travel (UK, Schengen, Russia etc)
  • Citizenship in just 3 months with passport
  • No personal visit required
  • No residence requirements
  • Freedom to do business without worrying about visas
  • Enjoy your freedom
  • Start your new life.
  • Your new home and new country
  • Become a world citizen
  • Investments start from $100K onwards

Citizenship is important. Dont ignore it!

Why Alternative citizenship is a must for families in this globalised world?

1. Citizenship is an important status. Dont ignore it. Plan well in advance
2. Invest in a dual citizenship
3. Think about education for children
4. A passport is a must in wealth management investments.
5. Enjoy mobility and freedom to travel. Stop worrying about visas
6. Become a world citizen. The world opens up for you

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