Citizenship by investment schemes offers a perfect opportunity to become a world citizen, where the world opens up, giving full freedom of movement for you and all family members. These paid citizenship schemes offer instant passports within 1-2 months, in exchange for investments. You can travel visa free to over 100+ countries including Europe, UK/Ireland, Russia, China etc,  instead of applying for visas everytime.

Second passports can be acquired within 2 months offers one time opportunity for alternative citizenship opportunity through investments.

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World Citizen

There are two routes to get fastest citizenship with passports. You have to donate $100,000 to Government fund or buy a real estate from $200,000 in exchange for passports. All applicants go through background screening process by governments.

Here are prices for investment citizenship programs.

We have coined a term Yellow Citizenship as a new brand for citizenship by investment programs

  • Yellow Citizenship – Citizenship by investment
  • Yellow Passport – Passport by investment
 CBI Price Passport time Visa free Residence conditions Passport validity
Montenegro €350,000 (real estate + donation opening in 2020) 3 months 123 none 10
Malta €900K (Donation + Bonds) 14 months 182 12 months 10
Cyprus €2.15 million (real estate) 7 months 173 6 months 10
Greece €2 million (opening in 2020) 6 months 183 6 months 10
St Kitts $150,000 (donation)
$200,000 (real estate)
3 months 151 none 10
Antigua $100,000 (donation)
$200,000 (real estate)
3 months 150 5 days 5
Grenada $150,000 (donation)
$220,000 (real estate)
3 months 142 none 5
Dominica $100,000 (donation)
$200,000 (real estate)
3 months 137 none 10
St Lucia  $100,000 (donation)
$300,000 (real estate)
$500,000 (Govt bonds)
2 months 145 none 5
Vanuatu  $150,000 (donation) 1 month 129 none 10
Turkey  $250,000 (real estate) 3-4 months 111 none 10
Bulgaria  $1,000,000 (bonds) 20 months 169 2 years 10

Golden Visas vs CBI schemes

Golden visas offer only residency, not immediate citizenship or passport. Therefore it will not make you a world citizen. There is a significant difference between golden visas and citizenship by investment schemes.

Difference Golden visa  Golden passport
Type Residence program Citizenship program
Investment Real estate Donation/Real estate
Citizenship After 5 years usually  Immediate (2-3 months)
Physical residence One or two weeks Usually none and no requirement to live or visit the country
Taxation Residence based taxation Citizenship based taxation
Family receive Residence permits  Passports / Naturalization certificate
Right to vote  NO Possible
Visa free Regional Worldwide