The Citizenship by Investment Unit of Antigua and Barbuda has published annual report and statistics reporting the number of applications received and passports issued since the inception of program in July 2013 to Dec 2019.

Antigua and Barbuda citizenship program remains the most transparent investment schemes in the Caribbean fully disclosing the applicants by country and how the citizenship revenues is used by Government.

The Antigua and Barbuda Government launched investor citizenship program under Citizenship by Investment (Amendment) Regulations 2013.

Since the start of the program in July 2013 up until Dec 31, 2019, the Citizenship Unit has received a total of 2,240 applications and 3,835 passports were issued to  applicants from different nationalities, according to the 2019 report published by Govt.

Antigua Passport Statistics

Source: CIP Annual Report from CIU Antigua

Top countries

The number of citizenship by investment applications received by country of birth.

China 834
Bangladesh 118
Lebanon 118
Russia 162
Syria 132
Nigeria 88
Libya 93
Pakistan 70
Egypt 62

Applications received by investment category

Applications Received
NDF 1938
Business 208
Real Estate 274

Passports granted under CIP program.

Passports Issued
2014 252
2015 655
2016 1016
2017 399
2018 401
2019 1112
Total 3835

In 2020, Antigua made a number of changes to make the program attractive for families. Till date, it remains the cheapest passport program for families.

A new UWI investment fund route also launched by Antigua, offers more savings for big families applying with six persons or more. A 5 day personal visit applies for main applicant when renewing the passport. It is not possible to renew the passport without visiting Antigua for atleast five days or more.

With complete documentation, the citizenship procedures is completed within 3-4 months.